Asia Millions Main Event: Sorel Mizzi in Lead on Day 2

GDAM_375pxThe day 2 of GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions (GDAM) Main Event ended on Thursday with some of the biggest upsets of the tournament. With the elimination of some of the biggest names in poker world the tournament is wide open for the remaining 8 finalist. The prize money on stake is second highest offered by any tournament outside North America. The winner will receive a whooping amount of HK$34,600,000 (US$4,464,516). By the end of Day 2 Sorel Mizzi emerged as the chip leader with a huge chip stack of 28,300,000. Some other players who are there on the final table are Igor Kurganov, Jeff Rossiter, Issac Haxton and Pratyush Budigga, making the road to victory extremely challenging.

After the first day, 51 players entered the Day 2 to battle it out to secure a seat on the final table. By the end of the day 43 players got busted. Some of the world famous poker pros who got eliminated on day 2 were Joseph Cheong, Philipp Gruissem, Mike McDonald, Gus Hansen, Greg Merson and Team PokerStars pros Jonathan Duhamel and Bertrand Grospellier. Duhamel bought in twice to remain in the race for the title but unfortunately it didn’t help him.

Issac Hexton, a member of Online Team PokerStars was the first one to reach one million chips. He was in lead for most of the days as his outstanding game eliminated a lot of players and helped him building a huge chip stack. The players were getting eliminated one after another as the blinds were very high. Sooner there were only 10 players remained in the tournament. GDAM Warm Up event winner, Nick Wong was not at his best on second day and got busted on 10th place. The player who missed the huge money place was Rono Lo, who finished at 9th place. He was eliminated by Pratyush Budigga.

On the final day, it would be interesting to see if Mizzi will be able to convert his lead into the victory or some other player will take away the glory. The action on the final table will be fierce as all poker players will play out of their skin

Finalists with their Chip Stacks

Seat Name of the Player Chip Stack
1. Igor Kurganov 18,400,000
2. Pratyush Budigga 13,075,000
3. Jeff Rossiter 12,825,000
4. Anson Tsang 5,750,000
5. Sorel Mizzi 28,300,000
6. Niklas Heinecker 15,275,000
7. Issac Haxton 7,075,000
8. Zheng Tang 24,300,000

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