Casino License Denied to Delta Corporation by Goa Chief Minister

Casino shipDelta Corporation’s Plea in which it was seeking for a new offshore casino permit has been turned down by Goa Chief Minister, Manohar Parikkar. Earlier, Chief Minister has given the permission to the Corp to replace their old ship M.V Arabian Sea with a new ship M.V. Horseshoe, and for this decision he had to face a lot of animadversions.

After denying the permit for an offshore casino on the new replacement ship, Parrikar cleared his stand by commenting on his official Facebook page. He wrote, ‘About the highly debated and publicized Horseshoe Casino, please note that it is only a vessel. Permission for starting of casino has been rejected’. He added that despite facing huge criticism and seeing various campaign running against him, he firmly believe that he has made a right decision. He did not forget to mention that in congress regime in the state, six permits were issued to different groups without following any rules and regulations and that his government will not issue any new casino permit.

In Goa, the total number of offshore casinos has come down from six to three. Goa Government has recently ceased the Casino license of one more ship which belonged to former Haryana minister, Gopal Kanda. ‘’This ship is under the process of confiscation by Tourism department as it was a threat to Goa Tourism. It will soon be towed away and auctioned as the final order will be passed by the concerned authority’’, he stated.