CCP to seal Goa Casinos offices?

Goa Casinos contribute Rs.135 crore to government revenueIn the latest development regarding Goa Casinos, it is learnt that the City Corporation of Panaji (CCP) has decided to seal the offices of all offshore casinos operating in River Mandovi in Goa. This is in repercussion to the problems faced by the Goa residents traffic within the city and pollution of the river that the CCP is going tough on them.

It started with a resolution moved by Counciller Kabir Pinto Makhija that Mayor Surinder Furtado asked the council whether they supported the decision to close the offices of Goa Casinos. This decision was supported by 29out of 30 members of the council. Following this approval, Furtado announced that he would soon issue orders to the CCP Commissioner to seal the offices of the Goa casinos.

Whether this is uncertainty regarding the new casino ship coming into the waters of River Mandovi in Goa or just a political ploy waits to be seen? It is worth mentioning here that earlier this month Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parriker had mentioned that he had intentions of eliminating the Goa casinos from the waters of the city. But it waits to be seen whether the casino ships will actually be removed from Goa since they contribute a huge amount of revenue to the Goa government.