Dan Kelly All Set To Become Player of the Year at WSOP 2013

dan kellyWorld Series of Poker (WSOP) 2013 has seen something phenomenal this year in terms of single player performance and the player who put up such a show is Dan Kelly. He has made a WSOP record by finishing seven times in cash. An unbelievable fact is that in all these cash finishes, Kelly has failed to win a single bracelet but still he managed to reach at the top of the list of Player of the Year (POY) at WSOP 2013.

Though this great player is playing tremendously in Event#29, H.O.R.S.E. Kelly is hoping that this time he will manage to grab the first bracelet of 2013 WSOP and second of his career. Even if he will not be able to the bracelet, his eighth money finish is confirmed.

Poker player who is right behind Kelly is two bracelet winner Tom Schneider. For him this is the best WSOP ever. He didn’t just won two bracelets, he also has finished four times in cash. Schneider’s performance has been outstanding but still he is far from close to replace Kelly from number one position. The difference between the points of these two players is almost 150 points and Schneider is not looking anywhere close to grab the top spot.

Other players who made it to top ten Player of the Year WSOP 2013 are Mike Matusow, David “Bakes” Baker, Jeremy Ausmus and Matthew Ashton among others. Kelly, who is at the number one position after 31 events is looking invincible and it would not be a surprise if he’ll be the winner of the POY title after this tournament. To replace Kelly, any player will has do deliver miraculous performances one after another. It would be interesting to see if someone will be able to do that or not as more than half of WSOP 2013 events have already been over.

Top 10 at WSOP 2013

Rank Player WSOP POY Points
1. Dan Kelly 473.74
2. Tom Schneider 327.51
3. Mike Matuson 267.04
4. David “Bakes” Baker 262.12
5. Jeremy Ausmus 242.43
6. Matthew Ashton 229.25
7. Alexander Kuzmin 226.38
8. Marco Johnson 217.41
9. Cary Katz 212.59
10. Eric Crain 210.33