Poker Hall of Fame: For the select poker pros

Poker Hall of FamePoker Hall of Fame was initiated in the year 1979 and honors gambling professionals across the world for their fiercely competitive skills and glorious victories. Eminent poker experts and skilled professionals felicitate its membership panel.

Poker Hall of Fame makes additions to its list of poker marvels each year. It takes note of the successful poker enthusiasts of the year and gives them the privilege of being featured in the list of the eminent Poker Hall of Fame.

Benny Binion is credited with the beginning of this hall of fame with the sole intention to preserve the glorious legacy of renowned poker players. It is located in the glamorous city of Las Vegas, where it was instituted in the year 1979. This organization, previously owned by Horseshoe Casino, was taken over by Caesars Entertainment in the year 2004.

Membership in the celebrated Poker Hall of Fame is directly under the control of WSOP.  For the record, only 44 people have had the luck to feature in this magnificent hall of fame after braving tough competition from various poker professionals. Out of these 44, today’s generation is blessed with the presence of only 21 members alive from this total membership list.


There are various criterion’s that need to be followed to feature in the prominent list of Poker Hall of Fame. Poker pros need to provocatively efficient and a renowned name in the poker circuit to match the sky-scraping standards of the Poker Hall of Fame. A few of these norms are mentioned below:

  • Carved a niche for him in the poker circuit with glorious wins.
  • Gained respect from distinguished poker professionals with consistent set of play.
  • The gambler should demonstrate exemplary performance and eminent poker skills in competition with recognized poker players.
  • The poker player must have exemplified a brave reaction to various facets of life
  • The player must have shown a glorious performance in game for high bets
  • For a member with no prior poker ground, it is mandatory to contribute in the development and triumph of poker to feature in the Poker Hall of Fame.

The latest addition to these rules was made in 2011 with the ‘Chip Reese Rule’ which restricts the nomination of candidates below the age of 40 to compete for a prestigious place in the Poker Hall of Fame.


A few notable members of the Poker Hall of Fame include Johnny Moss ,Edmond Hoyle, Felton ‘Corky’ McCorquodale, Bill Boyd,  Doyle Brunson, Benny Binion, David ‘Chip’ Reese, Jack Keller, Mike Sexton, Stu Ungar, Jonnhy Chan etc.