Leong leads Final table at APPT Macau

pokerstars-apptThe 2013 Pokerstars.net APPT Macau started off brutally on Day 3. Needing just one player to exit to ensure everyone else went in the money, the battle for survival was closely fought but lost by Manuel Blaschke. He became the bubble boy and the first to leave Day 3 as all the other 48 rejoiced finishing in the money. In totality, 40 players exit during the day and the final nine was set as the day ended. 

Kenneth Leong of Hong Kong ended the days play as chip leader having 2,012,000 chips and a good enough lead over Dinesh Alt of Switzerland who has 1,560,000 chips. Alexander Chieng has 1,137,000 chips while fourth placed in the final table Shuyang Yu has 950,000 chips. 

The days play at the APPT Macau started off with Yan Cui as the chip leader and David Man and Jay Tan were close behind. Dinesh Alt had a good day and was chip leader in parts. He was the one who eliminated Ern Boon Chiew to make way for the final nine to fight for the top prize of $279,355. Jay Tan is the only female poker player on the final table but is weak stacked with only 158,000 chips.

The Final table of the APPT Macau stands as below:

Rank Player Name Chips
1 Kenneth Leong 2,012,000
2 Dinesh Alt 1,560,000
3 Alexander Chieng 1,137,000
4 Shuyang Yu 950,000
5 Ling Tong 889,000
6 Nan Hong 824,000
7 Trung Tran 340,000
8 Hao Tian 286,000
9 Jay Tan 158,000