MPN Replacing Standard Heads-up with New 8-Man Blaze.

Microgaming-Poker-062512LA newer and faster version of poker is all set to replace the standard Heads-up of Microgaming Poker Network. MPN has recently announced about this replacement and told that a new version ‘Heads up 8-Man Blaze’ will take its Standard Heads up place.

MPN has described its new version ‘8-Man Blaze’ as the speed dating in the online poker world. The maximum number of players who can enter a pool will be eight and after that no more player will be allowed to join that pool. Earlier a player was allowed to join multiple pools and played in all of them simultaneously. Now with a limited number of players per pool, there will be multiple pools. Microgaming is claiming that their new version will solve the problem of “Bum-hunting”. It is a famous term in online poker world where a strong player waits for a weaker player to come and join the table but if a player of same skill joins the table, he refuses to play with him.

With all these new versions of poker, the game is speeding up rapidly. MPN has launched Blaze Poker last year in March. In this speed up version, the moment a player fold, he will immediately move to another table and dealt a new hand. All major gaming networks have launched their own speed-up Poker versions in the past and more are signing on to MPN.

Two major online poker sites which have signed with MPN and are offering this new speed up version, 8-Man Blaze of poker are Ladbrokes and 888bet.