Pete Linton Leading the Remaining Six of ISPT Wembley Main Event on Day 5

pete lintonThe fifth day of International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) Main Event Started with 20 players and by the end of the day only six were left to play for the title. Chip-leader of fourth Day Alban Juen lost his lead and Pete Linton moved in front with maximum number of chips. Linton has a huge chip stack equaling 11,070,000, which is way more than Alban Juen’s Chips, who is right behind him.

Day fifth saw some rapid fast eliminations right from the moment the play resumed. Three fast elimination came when Neil Benardout, James Sullivan and Giuseppe Stagno got busted, it made rest of the players to redraw for their new seats. Most of the players were playing out of their skins and made some risky moves too. It resulted in elimination after elimination. Two time World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner Praz Bansi left the table with other two just to see Freddy Debb, Florian Hoeller and longtime poker pro Dave ‘’Devilfish’’ Ulliot to follow them shortly after. Bassam Elia, who was playing in a Live Tournament in a casino for the first time busted at eleventh place for €19,000. And right before the dinner break Jean Miguel Lacerda was shown the exit doors by Ferhad Seyadi.

That gives the tournament’s main event its finalists. After dinner the first elimination came when Julian Gardner was outplayed by Pete Linton. The player who finished at eighth place was Jerome Brion. He was eliminated by the only female player left in the tournament Gwendoline Jadot. And just before the end of the game on the fifth day a surprise elimination of Ferhad Seyadi shocked everybody.

Now in the remaining six, we have some of the great poker players. Pete Linton’s lead is making him the favourite but with the likes of Nick Hicks and Alban Juen, it can be anyone’s game on Day six.

Seats and Chip Counts of Remaining Six

Seat Name of the Player Chip Counts
1. Pete Linton 11,070,000
2. Xavier el Fassy 4,555,000
3. Nick Hicks 6,230,000
4. Jakub Michalak 4,825,000
5. Alban Juen 7,615,000
6. Gwendoline Janot 6,230,000