First Woman to win an Open Event at 2013 WSOP: Dana Castaneda

Dana-Castaneda-220x220On Tuesday, World Series of Poker (WSOP) marked a historic feat when Dana Castaneda from California won a bracelet in an open event. After winning Event#54: $1,000 No Limit Hold’em, Castaneda became the first female to win any open event in 2013 WSOP. Last time when any female player won a bracelet in open event at WSOP happened when Vanessa Selbst triumphed the final table in year 2007. Castaneda’s win is remarkable as she started her final day on the final table being the player with the shortest stack. After this historic victory, she has added her name in the elite and exclusive list of female players winning open event bracelet at WSOP.

Event#54 saw a massive number of players registering themselves on Day 1 of the event. A total number of 2,883 players entered the event and it took three days for the champion to outplay rest of the poker pros to grab the title. After winning the title, Castaneda said that she entered this event only after her cash finish in Event#51: 10,000 Ladies No limit Hold’em Championship. Castaneda faced Jason Bigelow for the battle Heads-up and after busting him for runner-ups place she captured the title.

Event#54, Final Table Result

Rank Player Prize
1. Dana Castaneda $454,207
2. Jason Bigelow $281,991
3. Matthias Bednarek $198,883
4. Michael Zucchet $143,642
5. Philippe Clerc $105,007
6. Barry Hutter $77,685
7. Jacob Bazeley $58,147
8. Joseph Wertz $44,032
9. Kenneth Gregersen $33,731


 Event#53: $1,500 No Limit Hold’em

The other player who won his first ever WSOP bracelet on Tuesday is Brett Shaffer. The Event#53: $1,500 No Limit Hold’em went into an extra day because of time constraint and the champion had to wait for one more day. Only three top players returned on Tuesday with their contention for the title.

Arttu Raekorpi hit the rail very early and left the final table in no time. For two handed play, Shaffer faced David Vamplew. Champion’s stack was shorter when he and Vamplew started the battle heads-up but as the game progressed, Shaffer overtook the lead. For the final hand of the event, Shaffer’s A-9 proved to be better than Vamplew’s Q-Q. After defeating him, Shaffer received a handsome prize money of $665,397

Event#53, Final Table Result

Rank Player Prize
1. Brett Shaffer $665,397
2. David Vamplew $413,157
3. Arttu Raekorpi $291,392
4. Loni Harwood $210,456
5. Mike Watson $153,850
6. Deigo Zeiter $113,819
7. Jonathan Cohen $85,193
8. Darren Rabinowitz $64,513
9. Matias Ruzzi $49,420