Poker Massages at WSOP Events

Poker massagePoker is a mystifying game where players gamble on their luck completely unaware of the hands they will be dealt. However, there is one certain means where the poker contestant can be confident of staying calm during a long poker session and beating poker fatigue: a poker massage.

  • Need for Massage

The long, grueling sessions at World Series of Poker are tiresome for many players. Indulging yourself in a soothing, invigorating and comforting hands-on massage gives the much required relaxation for several players at the WSOP. It is much more than mere indulgence or luxury- it often becomes essential on being strained to sit for several hours in a chair during those gruesome 12-hour tournament sessions, trying your best to stay focused and relaxed without the interruption of an aching back or neck.

The concept of poker Massage crept into the poker circuit five years ago. This year as well WSOP had negotiated a deal with Harrah’s to arrange for top-notch masseuses and masseurs for the poker players during the poker tournaments. In comparison to just 60 massage therapists in the year 2006, the demand for Massage has risen considerably high over the years with about 300 for the year 2013.

  • An Average Massage Session

The masseuses and masseurs available at the WSOP tournaments are top-notch and render excellent services to the poker players.  An average massage session usually lasts 15 minutes, but can be longer as per the directions of the customer. It is estimated that the longest massage session once lasted up to six hours.

These massages are usually confined to the neck and back. Occasionally a player can also demand his hands, feet or arms to be stroked. A poker player can also get his scalp rubbed to mitigate a severe headache. These massages contribute to increase the productivity of the player at the poker table by stimulating his blood circulation and relaxing his body muscles.

These therapists are imparted with special professional training and rendered strict instructions. They are forbidden to approach and indulge the customer in a conversation in the middle of a hand. They are also restricted to look or pass a comment on hands, and certainly not respond if their customer seeks for an advice on how to deal with a hand.

  • A Distraction at the Poker Table?

Not every poker player is intimidated with the thought of a soothing and relaxing massage.  There are exceptions in the poker circuit who are not massage enthusiasts, for instance Barry Greenstein. He recalls his disastrous tryst with a massage lady several years ago at a casino in L.A. Acting like a true gentleman; he decided to give business to a massage lady who was getting no takers at the casino. He soon realized the reason behind poker buffs maintaining distance from that massage therapist. She pinched Barry severely and this renowned poker player paid the lady to stop, making it his first and sadly the last massage experience of his poker career.

 Furthermore, these masseuses and masseurs are also looked upon as a distraction by various poker players.  The outspoken poker player, Barry Shulman agrees to the statement and strictly disapproves the concept of massage in the poker tournaments.

Well, the verdict is out. Despite of allegations of breaching the privacy of the poker player, these massage therapists are here to stay at the WSOP, and seem determined to surprise us with their continuing and escalating presence in the years to come!