Poker Regulations in USA: The state wise online poker distribution


It is possible to play online poker legally in United States of America. There is no existence of any federal law that restricts a US poker player to make online poker accounts and gamble with their luck and play for real money online. However, the picture gets more complex when the thing comes to complicated state laws.  After horrendous incidents like Black Friday, the gambling laws have become strict and severe to enforce transparency in the system. The passing of the UIGEA bill has greatly helped various new online US poker sites mushrooming in the United States to gain acceptance.

1. Nevada

Poker is practically the most pursued sport in the state of Nevada. But when it comes to online poker the picture is a little cloudy. With the passing of certain gambling laws that paved way for regulated online poker in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware led to many online poker sites declaring the opening of their US poker rooms available to those in Nevada. 888 and Zynga poker were a few of the first ones to declare real money online poker in Nevada but the former still has to launch while Zynga has scrapped its plan. Ultimate Poker till recent times was the only online poker room in Nevada. Recently launched its online poker room in Nevada.

2. New Jersey

Unlike neighboring New York, players from New Jersey can play on most online poker sites. But when it comes to regulated poker activity, recently Ultimate Poker and Taj Mahal Casino had tied to open an online poker room in NJ. Pokerstars attempts to tie up with Resorts Casino to introduce online poker in NJ fell off after an appellate court rejected their appeal.Atlantic City in NJ remains the second most sought after poker destination after Las Vegas in the USA. NJ legalised online poker in March 2013.

3. Washington State

Washington State possesses one of the most complex and diverse gambling laws in America. Poker players in this state can expect to be baffled by a variety of unique as well as restrictive legal state of affairs. There are not many sites that accept poker players from Washington State willing to gamble for real-money play. In addition, the poker players could be risking criminal deed by indulging in a few forms of online poker. Though social gambling is legal in the Washington State, but online poker is declared illegal. It is a felony for any person to knowingly receive or transmit gambling information.

4. New York

Due to New York’s association in one of the most horrific incidents of the online poker history Black Friday, various poker sites restrict new sign ups from players of this state. There are only a handful of sites that possess a legal and current license to function like Bovada, Carbon Poker, and Bet Online.

5. California

California is considered as the center of the poker universe as this game is extremely popular in this state. The active participation of various renowned poker players hailing from this city, and an array of online poker news coming from this state on a regular basis all points to one conclusion: Californians are more active in the poker circuit than any other state in the US. Unlike New York and Maryland, Californian players can easily sign up at major online poker sites without any restrictions.

6. Texas

Texas is credited to introduce us to the world’s most enduring poker legends and top performers. This city is an indelible component of poker; hence almost all major online poker sites are Texas friendly offering lavish VIP programs and big bonuses. The American players can gamble with their luck and enjoy indulging in real-money games.

7. Connecticut

The legality of poker in the beautiful state of Connecticut is not very rigid and easy to comprehend. This state has unfailingly attracted various poker fanatics from both the region and across the globe with its lavish poker tournaments and high-stakes cash games. Despite of that, online poker is immensely popular in this city and a number of poker fanatics habited here regularly play poker online at an array of online poker sites. However, it is advisable for the players to participate in games only on websites bearing a license certified by a recognized authoritative power. Connecticut players are not denied access to major online poker sites.




  1. Shushant
    September 26, 2013 - 12:16 pm

    How poker is legal in India, has not yet been resolved. Can favorable court decisions for the online poker game in the United States may affect the desire of the Indian government to do the regulation of poker.

    • admin
      September 27, 2013 - 6:24 am

      We hope so too that poker gets its due as a sport soon in India and gains complete legality….

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