Runner, Runner to release in India on 27 Sept?

Runner RunnerThe much awaited movie Runner, Runner revolving around the controversial topic of illegal online poker is all set to release in India on 27th Sept in line with the worldwide release. The Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake starrer is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. While earlier the worldwide release was set at 4 October, now the movie is coming out on 27th September. According to a popular Indian online movie ticket booking website, Runner, Runner will release across the nation on the same friday.

Set in the backdrop of online gambling, Justin Timberlake plays a student at Princeton who loses his tuition fees in online poker. He later learns that the online poker website is hosted from a remote island and reaches the location to confront the owner of the website, Ben Affleck. The plot thickens and Timberlake sees himself become the website owner’s main man. The climax sees the FBI use Timberlake to bring down the online poker empire of Affleck.

Directed by Brad Furman, Runner Runner is set in the picturesque locales of Costa Rica and also feature Gemma Arterton in a leading role. Others comprising the star cast include Anthony Mackie as the CBI agent who tries to end the fledgling online poker industry. 

While the official website of Runner, Runner still states the release date as October 4 but various sources point to a September 27th release and India will surely get the first piece of the pie. Indian poker fans can embrace themselves for this drama-crime-poker thriller which hits the theaters this month. 

Watch the trailer of Runner, Runner the movie here.