Patrick Mahoney wins ANZPT Perth Main event, $120,000

Dinesh Alt is ANZPT Sydney ChampionDespite a lot of local contendors, the ANZPT Perth Main Event crown has gone to an American Patrick Mahoney who recorded his first major live cash in a tournament. Australians dominated the 9 handed final table with 7 players while the remaining two spots were taken by players from USA. Mahoney was one of them and also the one who ruled the day at the Crown Casino in Perth.

Paul Murray had started the final table in chip lead but had amiserable run. He was eliminated in 7th place after two quick exits of Justin Walch(9th place) and Vesto Zmukic(8th plcae). Matthew Rolfe followed Murray on the rail soon when he went out in 6th place. The fast eliminations continued as Sal Fazzino emptied out in 5th place.

It was at 4-way play that action slowed down a bit and the next elimination took almost 2 hours. Soon after Brian Mcallister went out was when the players started discussing the prospects of a deal. After much thought and some chip double ups later, the three remaining players did a prize retsructure which guaranteed the 3rd place finisher atleast $10,000 more.

 Scott Davies who was the one to initiate the payout restrucrure lost a big hand to Dean Blatt and also exit soon thereafter in 3rd place. As heads up action began Mahoney sat with 1.7 M chips while Blatt sat pretty with 3 M chips. The players started discussing a deal again but the management told them to cut it short and the payout restrrcure remained as before.

But this was a blessing in discuige for Mahoney as he didnt take too long to eliminate Blatt and get the big paycheck of $120,000. This was a big amount to be added to his small live eearnings of $400,000. He now wants to play ANZPT Sydney from March 20th, 2014 to try and win back to back ANZPT titles.

ANZPT Perth Final Table Payouts

*Place Player Prize (AUD)
1st Patrick Mahoney $120,000
2nd Dean Blattt $86,100
3rd Scott Davies $57,400
4th Brian Mcallister $37,100
5th Sal Fazzino $30,700
6th Matthew Rolfe $25,600
7th Paul Murray $20,500
8th Vesko Zmukic $16,400
9th Justin Walch $12,300