My Poker Bucket List: 10 things to do in poker before I die

bucketlistpokerEveryone has a Bucket List. A compilation of things they wish to do before they die. But do you, as a poker player/lover have a ‘Poker Bucket List‘? Have you compiled a list of things to do before you kick the bucket or as said in poker, ‘hit the rail‘. Well, I have compiled my top 10 things to do before I die and winning a poker tournament features at No 5 in it. But today, I decided to make up a list of my 10 poker things to do before I die or my ‘Poker Bucket List’ and am sharing the same here.

Disclaimer: Some of you my find them too novice. But that’s what I am. A Novice poker player or a ‘Noob’ as the poker lingo goes.

On the other hand, some of the to-do’s may be too over-ambitious. But then again, that’s where all poker dreams start. With an Ambition.

These 10 things are in no particular order but are all the things I want to do on the poker felt:

  1. Play the Main Event of the WSOP.
  2. Final table the PokerStars Sunday Million.
  3. Qualify for the PokerStars Carribean Adventure(PCA) in Bahamas  through an all expenses paid Satellite.
  4. Give the person with the straight flush a bad beat by hitting a bigger straight flush.
  5. Play cash games in Las Vegas and Macau.
  6. Get a poker massage at the Venetian in Vegas from Patrick Antonius.
  7. Be ranked in the Global Poker Index.
  8. Get a 4 figure dollar win online/ Get a 6 figure INR win.
  9. Win the main event of an Indian poker tournament in Goa.
  10. To play on a feature table of a poker tournament with Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Galfond and Elky.

Since I am also a poker writer(atleast a small one), thus I have these 5 extra points from a journalist’s perspective. Some of them, like previously are a lot more ambitious than some of you may agree.

  1. Cover a live APT Event in Macau.
  2. Be a part of ESPN’s poker broadcast of the WSOP with Norman Chad.
  3. To have a poker article published in a national newspaper.
  4. To speak on the TED conferences on poker.
  5. To be a part of a poker training forum with Phil Galfond.

So there it is! i have now documented my very tough Poker bucket List. Pls share yours with us and we will keep reminding the others of things achieved and others that are far. In the meanwhile, keep grinding and playing poker!