PPA USA Launches ‘Fight Back Against Online Poker Prohibition Effort’

ppaThe Poker Players Alliance(PPA) USA has launched a ‘Fight back against online poker Prohibition effort’ campaign where in they are urging their players to take action and fight the US legislation two weeks back by  Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) that wishes to amend the Wire Act of 1961 and expand its prohibition beyond sports betting to include all online gaming except horse racing and fantasy sports.

In a National Call to Action to all Members, the PPA has dedicated a section of its website to this. The page calls for member support to defeat the online poker prohibition bills being tabled. The section has a ‘call to action’ video where PPA Executive Director John Pappas elaborates what the members can do to help to oppose the bill.

Furthermore, contextually the members are told what to do to oppose the bill. The steps mentioned are as follows:

  1. Email your Congressional Lawmakers
  2. Send Tweets to Congress
  3. Call your representatives and both Senators
  4. Meet your representatives and both Senators
  5. Join the PPA

This latest effort by the PPA to oppose the ban is being taken seriously by the Twitterati who have come out in support of the PPA. Poker players in the US are openly opposing the ‘Restoration of the Wire’s Act‘ and have expressed their wish to regulate the online poker market in their country. 

In the press release by PPA, it says that the poker community has been eager to raise concerns over the direct assault recent legislation introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham  and Representative Jason Chaffe  and guided by the Coalition to Stop Innternet Gambling, will haveon their personal freedoms. While many of PPA’s members have voiced their frustrations, this call to action will elevate the campaign and broaden the message for all members of Congress.

“We have learned time and time again throughout history that prohibition is not thesolution for protecting consumers and actually does more harm than good, said JohnPappas, e5ecutive director of the PPA. We cannot stand by and allow for misguided legislation to reverse the incredible advancements we have made in consumer and player protections and the ability of the individual states to determine whether to regulate online poker.”