PokerSnowie releases advanced hand analysis options

PokerCoach 2 logoPokerSnowie today announced the release of version 2.6 of PokerCoach, its powerful coaching and training tool for NL Hold’em. This new version sees the introduction of a set of advanced analysis filters. If you haven’t subscribed to Poker Snowie then the best time is now and using our links here can get you a good discount. 

The first new option allows users to analyse their hands based on their position.

How do you perform when you sit in the blinds? In the cut-off? On the button? Select the relevant position and PokerCoach will filter the hands accordingly. The second option lets users choose hands based on the monetary outcome.

Are you only interested in reviewing your losing hands? Select the “loss” filter. You can even specify the amount of win and loss,expressed in BB.

The third option allows to select hands based on a number of specific actions:

–          Select only hands that were raised, and go even further by specifying the street;

–          Study all situations where you faced a 3bet preflop;

–          Drill down into the hands confronted to a 4bet preflop;


Finally, the new hole card filter allows to apply a laser focus to the hand analysis and will help answer questions like: how do I play Aces? What’s my behaviour with pairs?  

All the filters can be combined to help users focus on key areas of their play. The new version of PokerCoach also includes a useful addition to the Challenge PokerSnowie feature, with the exported deck function. By selecting the exported deck option, a predefined Challenge PokerSnowie session of 2000 hands will be uploaded, as an encrypted file, to the challenger’s computer.  At the end of the session, the encrypted deck can be opened to verify the complete integrity of PokerSnowie’s play. So take advantages of the Poker Snowie’s excellant Poker coaching products now. Use our links to download.