APPT Macau Main Event Day 2: Daniel Demicki in lead

pokerstarsliveThe main event of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour(APPT) Macau came closer to crowning a champion as the field was skittled down to 51 with Daniel Demicki in lead. Good news is in store for Indian poker lovers as Sailesh Verma(71,000 chips) Amit Ajwani(42,000 chips) and Girish Shahane(63,000 chips) are leading the charge for Team India at the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams Casino in Macau.

Day 2 started off with 206 players and only 51 will enter Day 3. The money bubble burst close to end of play today with the final 60 players finishing ITM. Demicki leads the charge into Day 3 with 585,000 chips but is closely followed by Jiajun Liu with 577,000 chips and Hao Tian with 481,500 chips.

Still in the running are Michael Kanaan (392,500), Billy “The Croc” Argyros (253,000), Christian Haggart (222,500) and J.J. Liu (89,000) for the first-place prize of HKD $2,776,000 (about USD $360,000). Some of the players to exit without a paycheck were start of day chip leader, Bo “Box” Xie, Iori Yogo, Sparrow Cheung, Raiden Kan, Victorino Torres, Daniel Laidlaw, Nick Wong, Ivan Zalac, Kitty Kuo and Bobbe Suri.

Team India will be rooting for Sailesh Verma, Amit Ajwani  and Girish Shahane who are now in the money. We will be keeping our pulse on the action as it happens and will keep informing you of how the Indian poker players perform. Best of luck to our Indian players and let’s hope we crown our first Indian APPT Macau Main Event Champion.