Destination Goa: Poker Nirvana

Goa-Casino-PokerIf there is one place in India internationally known as the land of night-life, it is Goa. Hordes of foreign nationals throng to this part of our country to explore the scenic beaches and exotic locales, enjoy booze bashes, visit the Portuguese churches, The Basilica of Born Jesus, and in the last few years, the majestic casinos that have found acceptance across the globe.

Theoretically a casino can be established and promoted anywhere, especially the metropolitans, and if well-funded, can turn into a success. But as the Indian Government has never really been pro-gambling (though poker doesn’t come under gambling in legal terms), Goa remains one of the only two states that has been given the official validation to run gaming casinos.

Goa’s economy mainly relies on tourism and being the country’s biggest tourist destination, it was only practical to set up such avenues of international standards to further increase its revenue margins and no other game says international as much as Poker does. The state sees visitors in multitudes, national and international, all around the year, especially around the time of New Year’s. For both these categories of tourists – Goa-based casinos offer a royal and exhilarating Vegas style experience.

The presence of casinos in the state of Goa has a tremendous effect on the popularity of Poker. The poker game is relatively new in India and the Goan casinos have given it a platform to flourish. International tourists get to satiate their desire to warm their card playing skills up while not missing their homeland, in turn pumping their currencies into our channels of money exchange and solidifying our economy. Indian tourists, on the other hand, who want to try a hand at a game of poker now don’t have to pack their bags and fish out their passports. They just have to head southwards to the small but ever-alive land of Goa.

The state offers them both video and live versions of the casino feel, what with floating luxury casinos like Casino Deltin Royale, Casino Pride and Casino Carnival(Now Pride -II) and Casino Deltin Jaqk on the Mandovi River, presenting them with the opportunity to play poker and other games with real players. This again helps oil the Goan monetary machine and keeps the Indian currency inside its national territories.

So in a nutshell, it won’t be totally correct perhaps to say that the only place that can manage a casino is Goa. But it surely also won’t be totally incorrect to say that Goa inarguably is the most exciting and the favourite spot to have a casino operating.