2014 WSOP: Events 48-53- Ivey drives home a 10th Bracelet

So the debate about which of the poker legends out of Phil Helmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey will strike gold in the 2014 WSOP has ended with Ivey coming in tops in the Event # 50-$1,500 Eight Game Mix and taking $167,332. Phil Ivey won his 10th WSOP Bracelet jumping to 2nd position in the all time WSOP Bracelet Winners List. With this win, Ivey also displayed what a class he is in all variations of the poker game showing supremacy in the Eight Game Mix.

2014wsoptylerEvent 48: $1,500 PLO -Hi-Lo

Tyler Patterson won his first WSOP Bracelet and $270,992 in poker earnings as he won the Event 48 topping a 991 player field. He was the mid sized stack throughout the competition and even into the final table but managed to drive home the win. He was in the presence of former WSOP Bracelet winners like Tom Schneider, Jeff Madsen and Scott Clements on the FT of this event.

Incidentally the 991 player field made this event the highest ever PLO-Hi/Lo field in the WSOP this year. The huge turnout resulted in a $1,337,850 prize pool. The top 117 players each earned a payday. Some of the notables who cashed include Matt Waxman (84th), Chris Bell (76th), Joe Hachem (43rd), David Chiu (35th), Phil Ivey (30th), and Allan Le (20th).

Here are the final table results from the $1,500 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low Split event:

1st: Tyler Patterson – $270,992
2nd: Scott Clements – $167,686
3rd: Cody Crawford – $104,914
4th: Jeff Madsen – $76,150
5th: Gary Kosakowski – $56,216
6th: Tom Schneider – $42,142
7th: Derek Raymond – $32,054
8th: J.R. Flournoy – $24,710
9th: Dylan Wilkerson – $19,305

Event 49: $5K NLHE

David Miscikowski fought his pay back and forth for a hefty paycheck in the Event 49 defeating Norbert Szecsi for $719,707. The two heads up dueller saw a tough fight and many chip exchanges later, David who is known for his online grinds triumphed to take his first ever WSOP Bracelet. Szecsi was looking to become the first ever multiple bracelet winner for his country Hungary but instead had to be satisfied with a pay packet of $444,425.

The second $5,000 No Limit Hold’em event on this year’s schedule drew 696 players and produced a $3,271,200 prize pool. The top 72 finishers each earned a payday. Some of the notables who cashed include Taylor Paur (65th), Eric Froehlich (59th), Phil Hellmuth (35th), Hasan Habib (26th), Jason Koon (13th), and Josh Arieh (12th).

Here are the final table results from the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em event:

1st: David Miscikowski – $719,707
2nd: Norbert Szecsi – $444,425
3rd: Manig Loeser – $288,912
4th: Margareta Morris – $212,202
5th: Oliver Price – $158,064
6th: Kevin MacPhee – $119,267
7th: Jean Gaspard – $91,037
8th: John Dolan – $70,265
9th: Blake Bohn – $54,792

2014wsopphiliveyEvent 50: $1,500 Eight Game Mix

One of the most loved and respected poker pros the game has ever seen wrote a record of sorts winning Event 50 and taking his 10th WSOP Bracelet. Phil Ivey topped a field of 485 players to take home the $166,868 prize money, he is learnt to have won a lot in side money bets as well. The top 49 players each earned a payday.  Some of the notables who cashed include Greg Raymer (40th), Brandon Cantu (29th), David “ODB” Baker (20th), and Daniel Negreanu who finished just shy of the final table in ninth place.

Here are the final table results from the $1,500 buy-in Eight-Game Mix event:

1st: Phil Ivey- $166,986
2nd: Bruce Yamron- $103,162
3rd: Dan Heimiller- $66,110
4th: Aaron Steury- $44,195
5th: Stephen Chidwick- $30,426
6th: Yuebin Guo- $21,592
7th: Christopher Haller – $15,720

Event 52: $10,000 Limit Hold’em

David Olson joined the league of first time Bracelet winners at the 2014 Summer edition winning the Event 52. The pro from Detroit topped an elite field of 122 players to win $303,909. Olson was always the medium stack and didn’t enter the final table also as favorite. It was when the play was down to the final three that Olson seized chip lead. The two men he defeated to take the title were also chasing first time WSOP dreams with Mikail Tulchinskiy and Greg DeBora biting the dust in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The top 18 finishers in this event each earned a payday. Some of the notables who cashed include five-time champ David Chiu (17th) and recent gold bracelet winner Steven Wolansky (12th).

Here are the final table results from the $10,000 Limit Hold’em event:

1st: David Olson – $303.909
2nd: Mikail Tulchinskiy – $187,811
3rd: Greg DeBora – $136,056
4th: Samuel Golbuff – $100,425
5th: Paul Mannoni – $75,470
6th: Bill Chen – $57,706
7th: Brian Tate – $44,874
8th: Jan Sjavik – $35.481
9th: Gabriel Nassif – $28,509

Event 53: $10k Ladies NLHE Championship

Haixia Zhang won the 2014 Ladies of Poker Championship prevailing over a sizeable field of 796 entrants. Zhang who entered this event to kill time after busting out from the Monster Stack Event on her first flight itself was overwhelmed by the win. While Zhang has a couple of cHAIXIA ZHANG WINS 2014 LADIES CHAMPIONSHIPashes at the WSOP Circuit but this is her first cash at the Main championships. For a first cash, the pay day of $153,470 is definitely something to write home about.

The $10,000 buy-in Ladies No Limit Hold’em Championship played at the Rio in Las Vegas generated a $713,700 prize pool. The top 81 finishers made the money. Some of the notables who cashed include Christina Lindley (80th), Dee Dozier (74th), Melanie Weisner (26th), and Xuan Liu (11th).

Here are the final table results from the Ladies No Limit Hold’em Championship:

1st: Haixia Zhang- $153,470
2nd: Mikiyo Aoki – $94,800
3rd: Meikat Siu – $61,114
4th: Elizabeth Montizanti – $44,770
5th: Pat Landis – $33,279
6th: Persia Bonella – $25,072
7th: Kendra Wray – $19,120
8th: Stacey Sullivan – $14,752
9th: Patricia Cahill – $11,504