Responsible Gambling: An approach to balance betting and life

stepCard parties, Casinos or online poker tournaments, each present a splendid way to wager this Diwali. A majority of card lovers in India are still betting irrationally in card games without any estimate of its aftermath. To play and bet in games like poker, rummy etc. has never been amiss but, one should pursue responsible gambling practices and definitely perceive the chunk of money which he/she could pony up. Reckoning the maximum percentage of monthly income which you could afford losing in worst cases could be the best strategy to build your initial bankroll for wagering.

A strategic bankroll management is the first step to brace yourself in the exciting roller coaster of card games played with stack. Whether you are a recreational player or a seasoned professional, playing with a pre-defined bankroll would always minimize the risk of completely depleting your funds. Obviously, nobody would like to go bankrupt on any card table endangering his/her normal life needs and of family too. Hence, you could adhere to the below listed points to develop a responsible gambling habit.

  1. Play only with your bankroll/Bankroll Management: Measure your financial necessities in life and also the amount required for the games you like to play like poker variants based on their buy-ins. Then, proceed with creating a balanced bankroll and stick to it during the entire period of time for which you planned. It would be easy if you subdivide your bankroll for the games you are planning to join based on their blind levels or joining fees.
  2. Don’t play, if you are feeling down/Beat the Tilt: There are days when you may feel low due to any particular aspect of life. It is advised not to wager when you’re not mentally sound as it may lead to excessive and prolonged betting ending up with awful results. However, you may free poker or similar games which don’t require real cash bets to cheer up your mood and also keep your skills in practice as well.
  3. Decide your maximum loses/Fix a Limit: Once you’re into any real cash game like poker or rummy, there is always a chance to cruise past your limits which would first slash a big part of your bankroll and may impact your income and savings harshly in the long run. Therefore, it is better to have an idea of how much you can afford to lose in worst cases in a particular game. It will also aid in winning and recovering your losses by having a sizeable bankroll for further games.
  4. Discipline/No Compulsive gambling: Every card game player should be disciplined in terms of betting and as well other behavioral etiquettes on the table. One should not indulge in aggressive arguments as it may lead to over betting or a forced betting influenced by others causing a potential loss in the end. Additionally, it is advised to take short brakes during the game and also set a time limit for playing.
  5. Never chase losses/Poker Psyche: Although it appears natural to chase down a lost hand and balance our cash stake on the table, but you should plan for the same with a long term plan. Many a times, players tend to lose more in successive chases to cover up their losses. However, you may exert your skills in some other game with a fresh mind and strategy.

Enjoy playing poker, rummy and other games this Diwali with a sensible approach to responsible gambling practices.