Betfair Poker pulls out of New Jersey

The fall of online poker companies in USA continues with the Betfair Poker hitting the rails. Driven by negligible traffic throughout the year in New Jersey, Betfair announced to shut down its online poker room on 1st December. Betfair-New-Jersey-online-poker-closes_optThe company failed to draw adequate number of poker players in New Jersey, eventually posting revenue of mere $50 in 2014 after a poor $90 in 2013 which clearly depicts its non-existence in NJ poker market. Even after aggressive promotion and attractive bonuses since its launch in November 2013, a large section of poker players didn’t hit their site. Pokerscout also stopped tracking the site’s traffic due to lack of a sizeable number of live players on the site.

Fate of Online poker sites in New Jersey

Betfair is not the first company to exit New Jersey poker market. Ultimate gaming stopped operating Ultimate Poker site in New Jersey after their offline partner Trump Taj Mahal Associates LLC filed for bankruptcy in September this year. The Las Vegas-based company also hit rock bottom in its revenues from NJ this year which contrived them to exit the state. Again, there was a strong speculation of Yahoo poker offering real cash games after its launch last month but the company announced to shut down the online game citing security issues.

Impact on poker players

Closure of online poker sites one after the other in this part of USA compels the online players to move to Nevada where the same companies are running the games on their websites. Many big stake players prefer moving to European nations where they could easily play on PokerStars and other major sites. It also limits the choices for the new breed of online poker players who can’t relocate just to play poker. Thus, online poker in this region remains deprived of the fresh talent.

Which poker site can turn the tables in NJ?

Ultimate Gaming failed and now Betfair quits. It seems only the sharks of online poker industry can survive in New Jersey. PokerStars had announced their plan to go live in NJ in early 2015 but there have been similar announcements in past too which they failed to implement. In the end, the trigger is in the hands of state legislature as when they approve PokerStars’ application of setting online poker site in this state.