Have a Gala Christmas Party- Poker Style

christmas-casino-party-events-dublinGleaming crackling fire, newly fallen snow, old Cedar Tree, crispy baked cookies and the divine Santa Claus form the very essence of Christmas. This Christmas, instead of, planning a poker vacation to Las Vegas or Sun City, throw a surprise poker theme party for your poker friends at your treasured home. To start with, Christmas is all about decoration wherein scintillating strings of lights, festive hosiery, and exquisitely wrapped gifts take the limelight. Though you may not be able to bring the bright lights of Vegas and big city atmosphere of Sun City to your home space; but the perfect poker collection can transform your house into a Vegas Casino in no time. Replace those flickering candles, twinkling white lights and touches of silver accents, fire up the card shuffler, let the roulette wheel roll, and get ready for a rocking poker party.

Let’s have a view of big picture now. With poker as a theme, blackjack table covers, roulette wheels, poker chips and fake money mirror the look of a professional poker table. How about dealing out a game winning dining table with a casino table runner and playing card tableware sets? For a grand look, hang those casino flavored hangings, Las Vegas Back-Drop Banner at the main gate and Dollar Pennant banners on the walls to give a grand look to your Xmas Poker Party. Traditionally, a classic white and glamorous red Christmas is en vogue. Just imagine staging your poker party through those traditional Vegas colors by adding metallic red, green and black colored number balloons. Likewise, the use of casino sign cutouts for Texas Hold’em and Omaha is useful to direct the poker players to the table where they can play their favorite poker variant. Last but not the least, cocktail waitress stand-up with tray completes the decoration for such a charismatic poker festivity. Such a playful and colorful decoration surely enliven the memories of poker lovers.

As the holiday season do not lasts forever, invitations are sent weeks in advance. Poker pros will make sure to play their cards right to get invited to such a grand poker celebration on the occasion of Christmas. The invitation card featuring the King of Spades seems perfect for ultimate poker fun night @ Christmas Eve.

Poker players do follow a tradition – ‘Eat, Play and Love your way to winning at Poker’. Though poker players usually spend most of the evening practicing their poker face but they certainly love to eat. Heavy finger foods like cheese poppers, stuffed celery, barbecue pizza bites, etc. are best for such a gala night in comparison to recipes that require dinnerware. Poker players definitely like those finely placed sugar yum cupcakes with their names on a Christmas tiered treat stand. the chocolate poker chips also makes the most thoughtful treat for poker lovers. Don’t forget to include traditional gingerbread cookies and cool 3-D cookies in different shapes of Santa, snowmen, and reindeer .

Music is secret weapon of poker players. An instrumental rock beats playing in the background and lit scented candles sparkling throughout the house really sets an aura. Albums like Ratatat or Modest Mouse are the best for this occasion as they go well with the raking of pots and considering their passionate vocal free music with limited distraction.

With every tit and bit in place, what comes next? Its time to groom yourself for the party! Imagine poker players reigning over the party with party king crown, dressed sharp with glitter band gangster or putting on that Ace High Top Hat to hold the cards. Time comes in to raise a toast. Poker players usually toss a case of Busch tallboys in an Igloo, or to overcome the bad beat in poker game, they chase a shot of high-grade Bourbon.

Games and novelties keep poker players entertained. Apart from poker, do have a special activity for this special Christmas night like inviting the poker pros to write their ‘wish-come-true’ and a ‘New Year Resolution’ in Santa gift book. Poker players do have big-hearts that hold memories to treasure. Concluding of celebrations with personalized candy bars with message Merry Christmas on one side and thanks for joining us for Poker Fun on other side is an ideal gifting option.

Such a fusion of Christmas with Poker displays a splendid reel view of Las Vegas Casino on a Christmas Eve.


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  1. hushy
    January 3, 2015 - 11:44 pm

    Wow, cool ideas to throw a party this Holi. Thnx.

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