Much Awaited APT Cebu 2015 Begins With Some Changes in Event Pattern

Re-Buy-ChampOnce again for Poker enthusiasts, the APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 opened on Tuesday, the 27th Of January’2015 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Cebu City, Philippines. For the first time, the Poker APT Cebu Poker players will see few innovative changes, such as the event will run for 9 days instead of 8 by seeing its finale on 04th February’2015. In addition to it, there will now be more side event which will last for three days instead of two.

The first side event of this series ran at 01:00 PM on 27th January with NLHE Multi Re-Buy+1 Add-On event that was won by three-time Player of the Year Sam Rizvi of United Kingdom, whereas the second and the third positions of it are won by Tetsuya Tsuchikawa of Japan and Ricky Crandell respectively. The charity event of this tournament, Ante Up for Charity Event 2, for giving benefit to House Hayag was won by Jensen Rex Chow of Philippines.

Coming to the second day, Wednesday Januray’28th, the High Rollers event, was won by Japan’s Takafuji Hideki after beating 23 others who joined. On the other hand, the Mix Game PLH/PLO received 42 entries and Kimmo Soronen of Finland won for PHP 132,800.

The action of this much-awaited Poker event continued on third-day, i.e. on Thursday the 29th of January with some very popular Poker side events including Head Hunter Event 5 and Ladies of Poker Event 6.  ‘Raquel Floyd’ won the Ladies event while the final table led by Kai Paulson of Norway was formed for the Headhunters Event. Poker will continue for next 6 days wherein the day 4, i.e. Friday the 30th of January, will be the most awaited day as APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 Main Event Day 1A is scheduled to begin on this day at 1PM. However, there are two more starting days in the tap of Poker players for Main Event, which are Day 1B and Day 1C respectively on Saturday and Sunday.

We wish good luck to all the Poker lovers and hope they will get seat in the Main Event for which Satellites are available at 6PM on 30th January and 7PM on 31st January.