APT Cebu: John Tech keeps the title home, APT Cebu to return in August

John Tech(Pic Courtesy: APT)
John Tech(Pic Courtesy: APT)

The heads up action of the APT Asian Series Cebu went on late into Wednesday Night at the All In Poker Sports Club in the Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City, Philippines as Filipino John Tech defeated Alexey Gatsko for the Main event title. Tech who finished runners up in the APT-RWM Poker Finale in December 2014 was visibly relieved after winning the title and PHP 2,307,200.

I made the final table of the APT event last year. So I really wanted to lock up this one when I became the chip leader in this final table,” shared Tech, who finished second runner-up in the last APT-RWM Poker Finale 2014 Main Event just last December. “In the final table, he played tight. But then we got short-handed, he shifted his gears,” Tech said about his heads-up opponent showing utmost respect for the Russian. “He’s a very good player.

With almost equal stacks, Tech and Gatsko indulged in a raise and re-raising affair in what would be the final hand of the night. Both eventually shoved their stacks and the APT title was virtually decided via coin flip. Tech held d1dq while Gatsko had Pocket 8’s. 8 8

Right on the flop, Tech flopped his straight with dkd10 cj much to the delight of his Filipino supporters railing the final table. The turn and river was insignificant and Tech marched straight to the APT title. 

Meanwhile, Jeff Mann, CEO of APT also announced during the award ceremony that APT will return to Cebu in 2015.