Chip Chats with 2012 Red Dragon runner-up Abhishek Goindi

abhishek_goindi_red_dragon_mpcWhile Aditya Sushant, Kunal Patni and Kavish Kukreja were gearing up for the Day 2 action in the Red Dragon event of Macau Poker Cup, we caught up with the man who fetched the runner-up prize in the same event in 2012. Abhishek Goindi shares his memories of the 2012 Red Dragon tournament and plans of returning back on the poker felt in coming months.

Hi Abhishek, Thanks for talking to OPN.

Q 1 You have won the biggest prize as an Indian in Red Dragon but missed the title in 2012. Does it all come back to you every year when Indian contingents play at Macau Poker Cup?

AG – It was really a great experience playing and finishing in the runner-up place in Red Dragon. And, yes every year I wish some of our player brings the title home. Back in 2012, I was doing well in the domestic circuit and MPC Red Dragon was the biggest event I was playing. It was tough to be focused throughout the tournament. After the initial flight, it was an exhausting 3-day journey to the runner-up place but with friends like Samoh and Dhawal to cheer along, I managed to reach so far.

Q 2 Many players like Sailesh Lohia and Akash Malik have made to the final table of Red Dragon event in previous years. What do you think make Indians go big in Macau every year?

AG – Indians are a tight bunch of poker players and when they step out of country especially in Asia-pacific region, they become more united. While playing a Macau where almost every Indian players visits for tournaments, each of us support and help the others. There is a lot of knowledge transfer between Indian players which keeps them going in the deep runs. Above all, every Indian out there in Macau or any such poker destination promotes the spirit of this game which unites them to fetch big results.

Q 3 Today Aditya Sushant is 8th in chip count when game started for Day 3. Kunal Patni and Kavish Kukreja are playing alongside with smaller stacks. What would you suggest to them to make it to the Final table tomorrow and scoop big win?

AG – Aditya is a brilliant player. I know him since 2010. With Kunal and Kavish, I believe Team India will bring fantastic results in Red Dragon. I would just suggest these guys to pick their pots correctly and believe in themselves. My best wishes to them to make to the final table. And, if they do, they must avoid late night partying which develops physical and mental fatigue. They should take a good overnight sleep and continue their game.

Q 4 You played at TILT poker festival recently. Can we see you back on felt in coming months?

AG – Actually TILT was in my hometown and a dear friend of mine, Akshit Khandelwal had come to play and stayed with me. So I went there to support him and played one event. Moreover, TILT was organized by my friend Samoh who invited me to play. I am busy these days with some work which has restricted me playing poker. I was in Australia recently where I played some cash games. I couldn’t play any tournament as it takes 3-4 days to finish. I am eager to get back on the felt. As soon as I’ll be able to take some time out, I’ll start grinding.

Q 5 You have been in the industry for quite a long time. What would you suggest for the Indian poker industry to grow more in coming day?

AG – I think the organizers and houses should improve their rake structures as well as take initiatives to give back to the players. Afterall, players are the most important pillar of the poker industry. People need to educated about poker that it’s not gambling. More resources to learn poker should be made available to the new generation of players.  Recently some site especially Adda52 has done really good in promoting the game as a professional sport. Similar campaigns should be done to promote poker as a game of skill.