Team India out of the Red Dragon title race; Amit Jain deep in $20,000 NLH event

macau-poker-cupThe Red Dragon title event at Macau Poker Cup has reached its final table today at PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room and the Indian campaign is over with all 3 Indians hitting the rails on Day 3. Adda52 Team Spades pro Kunal Patni and Aditya Sushant finished in 41st and 62nd place respectively while Kavish Kukreja finished in 66th place in the Day 3 battle.

Indian Cashes at Red Dragon Event:

  1. Kunal Patni – 41st for HK $39,000
  2. Aditya Sushant – 62nd for HK $32,900
  3. Kavish Kukreja – 66th for HK $30,800

116 players returned to PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room yesterday to play down to the Final 9. Aditya Sushant started with 281,000 chips and scopped a few bigger pots to tank above 400,000 chips. Meanwhile, Kavish and Kunal were playing strategically with their smaller stacks to last long. Kavish was the 1st Indian to hit the rails in 66th position taking home HK $30,800.

Aditya went after Yifan Zhang in a pre-flop war re-raising with A 2 from button. Zhnag 4-bet to 93,000 following which Aditya went all-in and got called. The board ran 10,J,8,10,4 to which Zhang yelled in delight as he scooped the biggest pot with A,K. Zhang shot up to chip lead position and Aditya’s dream run came to an end in 62 position taking home HK $32,900.

After the 2 Indians departed, Kunal was carrying the Indian dreams alone and doubled once to reach average stack. An unfortunate hand in which he raised with AJ on button ended his Main Event run as the opponent went all-in with A,2 and hit double pair. Kunal finished in 41st place taking home HK $39,000.

Players continued to fall in the race to reach final table and when the field was down to 15, the game slowed down. Japan’s Takuya Yamashita who finished 3rd at MPC21 in August last year rose up to the top as the final table shaped up. Min Yi was the last player to bust on Day 3 which finalized the Top 9 led by China’s Yunye Lu.

MPC22 Red Dragon Final Table Lineup:amit-jain

Seat 1: Takuya Yamashita (Japan) – 2,350,000

Seat 2: Eileen Feng Jiao Wang (China) – 675,000

Seat 3: David Steicke (Hong Kong) – 1,270,000

Seat 4: Yi Won Lee (Korea) – 990,000

Seat 5: Yifan Zhang (China) – 1,825,000

Seat 6: Xiaodong Lin (China) – 1,275,000

Seat 7: Yunye Lu (China) – 3,780,000

Seat 8: Yuguang Li (China) – 1,665,000

Seat 9: Fan Xu (China) – 810,000

After the Main Event, Adda52 Team Spades pro Amit Jain and Kunal Patni joined the HK $20,000 NLH event. Amit Jain finished with a monster stack of 127,000 chips at the end and will return today to grab a lion’s share from the HK $1,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool.