The House of Spew (THOS): Round-up of Events

thosAs the 2nd edition of The House of Spew (THOS) concluded on Sunday, let’s look at a glance which player took down which event. This year, THOS poker tournament was hosted at Andyz Fish & Chips poker room in Bangalore. Starting March 18, 4 THOS events drew a total of 224 runners at the poker table to vie for the prize pools and unique titles named after various Hollywood movies.

The Blitz – 6K Turbo

The opening event, namely, INR 6K ‘The Blitz’ Event was won by Chennai based Yuvanesh R. It was after 18 levels of play that Yuvanesh knocked down Gaurav Bhandari in the heads-up play to win THOS INR 6K ‘The Blitz’ event. Along with the championship trophy of ‘The Blitz’!, Yuvanesh won INR 1,40,000, in his first live tournament that he has ever played.


Buy-in:Rs. 6000

Format: Turbo

Yuvanesh R

THOS ‘The Blitz’ 6K Turbo Results


      Name                            Prize (INR)

1. Yuvanesh R                    1,40,000

2. Gaurav Bhandari               75,000

3. Ashish Ahuja                     59,000

4. Anubhav Adlakha             45,000

5. Kishan M                          34,000

6. Gaurav Kalra                    24,000

7. Rajeev Raut                     16,000

8. Praveen Dwarkanath       12,000

The Knockout – 12K Bounty – The Eliminator

It took 7 hours and 21 levels of play on to crown Dhaval Mudgal as the “Eliminator” on Thursday, March 19. Dhaval outplayed a field of 66 player to win the top prize of INR 1,60,000 with the “Eliminator” title. It was Siddharth who lost to Dhaval in the heads-up but the Top 3 had already made a deal which fetched him INR 1,30,000 in the runner-up place.

Entrants: 66

Buy-in: Rs. 12000

Format: Bounty

Dhaval Mudgal

THOS ‘ The Eliminator’ Final Results

        Name                           Prize (INR)

1. Dhaval Mudgal                   1,60,000

2. Siddharth S                        1,30,000

3. Nihal Sabharwal                 1,30,000

4. Sabyasachi Chakraborty       65,000

5. Avadh Shah                          49,000

6. Mahesh R                             36,000

7. Sahil Agarwal                        24,000

The Thrill of Spew – 24K Main Event – The Gladiator

The main event of the 2nd edition of THOS attracted 53 runners to vie for the prize pool of INR 11,44,800. Anudeep Srinivas shipped the main event bagging INR 2,98,000 in prize money and the Gladiator title. Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant who had won the THOS Main Event in 2014 also took seat to defend his title this year. After leading the chip-stack till Top 3 on the final table, he made a deal with other 2 opponents. Aditya busted in few minutes after the deal in 3rd place but took home the biggest prize money of INR 3,20,000.

Entrants: 53

Buyin- Rs. 24,000

Format: Freezeout

Anudeep Srinivas

THOS Thrill of Spew Main Event Payouts

       Name                             Prize (INR)

1. Anudeep Srinivas              2,98,000

2. Girish Sampath                 2,50,000

3. Aditya Sushant                  3,20,000

4. Arvind Jain                        1,37,000

5. Amit Chopra                         87,000

6. Andy Morgan                       53,000

The Thalaiva – 36K 6-Max High Roller

Finally, it was Bangalore based Rohit Tiwari who bagged the title of last event of THOS – The Thalaiva INR 36,000- 6-Max High Roller on Sunday. ‘The Thalaiva’ event attracted 30 entrants and after 9 hours and 17 levels of play, Rohit emerged on the top pocketing INR 3,74,000 along with the winner trophy. Santosh Suvarna took home INR 3,00,000 for his runner-up finish in this high-roller event.

 Entrants: 30

Buyin- Rs. 36,000

Format- 6 Max Freezeout

Rohit Tiwari

THOS ‘The Thalaiva’ Payouts

       Name                      Prize

1. Rohit Tiwari              374000

2. Santosh Suvarna     300000

3. Rajat Sharma           126000

4. Amit Ajwani               97000

5. Nihal Sabharwal       75000