This week that Year: When Aditya Sushant clinched the THOS Main Event title


‘This Week That Year’ is an article series that will provide ‘a blast from the past’ in poker. Here we will feature some memorable events that happened in poker during a particular week in a previous year. From the smaller poker events that hardly anyone noticed to the big poker extravaganzas, we will give you a trip down poker history; week by week.

This week, we bring to you the winner of The House of Spew (THOS) main event. On 21st March 2014, Aditya Sushant who now is an Adda52 Team Spades pro won the Main Event of THOS poker tournament in Bangalore taking home the top prize of Rs 4 lakhs. Aditya outplayed the field of 89 runners in the poker battle which lasted for 10 hours at the High 5 Poker Room to clinch the first THOS main event title.

Aditya had a fabulous run throughout the evening eliminating opponents in the ultimate heads-up he was up against Uma Mahesh, the founder of the High 5 poker room. On the flop of h9c5sjMahesh went all-in which Aditya called. Aditya shown s9c4while Mahesh was holding c5d3when the board ran sqon turn and c10on the river. Aditya was elated to win the trophy with the top prize of Rs 4 Lakhs.

The time-wheel has revolved a full circle of one year in which Aditya made a number of final tables, many notable cashes which include 2 WSOP events cashes and now is an Adda52 Team Spades pro. The champion has arrived in Bangalore to defend his title this year. The 2nd edition of THOS is running at the Andyz Fish and Chips Poker Room where two more Adda52 Team Spades pro – Amit Jain and Kunal Patni are accompanying Aditya in the 24K Main event which starts today at 3PM.