Adarsh Jayappa wins the 16th Lakhpati event at AndyzFC

Adarsh JayappaBangalore, 17th May. In yet another exciting turn of events at the AndyzFC poker club, Adarsh Jayappa was crowned the Lakhpati. The 16th edition of 5K buy-in Lakhpati tournament saw 43 players including a number of AndyzFC regulars and patrons. After hours of grind, it was Adarsh clinching the top prize of Rs 1 Lac beating Rohit B in the heads-up who secured his runner-up prize of Rs 50K.

Andy Morgan, Founder Andyz Fish & Chips who had started this weekly tournament back in January this year enthusiastically said, “43 players this week, and what a game it was! Our regular grinder made it to runners-up, and we’re all proud of Rohit! But it was Adarsh that stole the limelight yet again – clearly one of our better tournament players at the club. Like I’ve said before, we’re slowly building a crop of tournament talent – and if we have our way, we’ll take it places too! Keep watching this space for more!”

Adarsh Jayappa was in his regular mode knocking out a lot of players and accumulating chips at a very steady pace. He broke the final table bubble when his AAs were up against Varun’s 88s.Rahul Lal was the last person to register but still managed to make it to the final table playing his A game.Most of tghe regulars got knocked out before the last two tables were left. Karthik Veisetti, Ashish Karel, Nilesh G and Raman Dixit made it to their first final table at AndyzFC which started with the following stacks:

1. Adarsh Jayappa  97.5K
2. Rohit B.  65.1K
3. Rohit Mittal  33.6K
4. Anubhav Adlakha 28.1K
5. Nilesh G.  22.1K
6. Rahul Lal 14.3K
7. Karthik Velisetti 13.1K
8. Ashish Karel 12.6K
9. Rishi Ahuja  12.6K
10. Raman Dixit  1.6K

The short stack Raman Dixit was the first player to depart from the Final Table when he called Rishi Ahuja’s all-in. Rishi showed 99s while Raman had 77s and board didn’t bring any further help to Raman. Karthik Velasetti who bled his stack to 6 blinds was the next exit as he jammed from SB 97off when all other players had folded. Big Blind Rohit B woke up with his rockets (AA) to knock out Karthik in the 9th place.

Rahul Lal was the next to hit the rails when he made a move to steal the blinds by going all in with 9 10 off. SB Rohit B picked up AQ and made the call. 2 4 5 flop, Ace on the turn sealed the deal eliminating Rahul in 8th place. Rohit Mittal who started as 3rd in the final table chip lead overweighed his Kings against Adarsh’s A 7 off with A, 7, 2 on the flop and departed in the 7th place. The short stack Anubhav Adlakhani busted in 6th place when he jammed with K6 which Rohit B called with K10 and another 10 on the flop ended the day for Anubhav Adlakha.

Nilesh G became the unlucky money-bubble in the 16th Lakhpati tournament at AndyzFC getting a crazy suckout when his jam with A8 and got called by Rishi Ahuja with Q10 spades. Flop A 8 2, turn J, River K completed the suckout sending Nilesh to rails empty handed.

The battle intensified once again among the Top 4 who were already assured of the money but each of them shooted for the top prize. Ashish Ahuja who had blinded most of his stack departed in 4th position when Adarsh Jayappa called his all-in with 4 6 spades and flopped a nut-straight. Ashish didn’t get any help on further streets and left with Rs 10K in the 4th place.

After a tiring one hour of 3 way play, Adarsh announces all-in from SB with 99s, Rishi Ahuja made the call with AQ. 9 popped up on the flop which sealed the deal and Rishi Ahuja finished 3rd for 20K leaving Adarsh and Rohit in the heads-up.

In the final hand of the tournament, Rohit B went all in from the button with 45s which Adarsh called with A2h. 4 8 7 K A community seals the deal and Adarsh Jayappa wins the title once again at AndyzFC. Adarsh took home the top prize of Rs 1 Lac while Rohit bagged Rs 50K.