’s ‘Poker Millionaire Tour’ is just Around-the-Corner

poker-millionaire-tourAdda52, India’s largest online poker site, is back with it’s biggest-ever poker promotion – ‘Poker Millionaire Tour’ (PMT). This coveted poker tournament is set to kick off on May 15, 2015 and will continue till July 26, 2015.

With a variety of tournaments of different buy-in options and massive cash prizes, has every now and then intrigued poker players across the country. And, this year Poker Millionaire Tour is getting bigger at with eye-popping and spine-tingling opportunity to win Crores of money. With a range of entry fees and big winning amounts, this 3-month long PMT event will provide Indian poker players a chance to grab a share of upto 50 lacs+ prize pool.

Hence, it’s the perfect time to say ‘Hello’ to summers by participating in ‘Poker Millionaire Tour’ on every second and fourth weekend of the months- May, June and July. Further, the Buy-In for this tournament starts from as low as Rs. 750, and players will get to showcase their poker skills of Texas Hold’em in both formats – Freeze Out and Rebuy.

Here is the PMT schedule for the month of May 2015:

Date Type Buy-in Prize Pool
May 15 Freezout 750 1lac
May 16 Freezout 3,500 5lacs
May 17 Re-Buy 1,500 2lacs
May 29 Freezout 750 1lac
May 30 Re-Buy 3,500 5lacs
May 31 Freezout 1,500 2lacs

Do you know why ‘Poker Millionaire Tour’ by is definitely something to play for? Because, it offers the biggest poker giveaway ever by an Indian poker site. So, if you want to be a part of poker extravaganza, register today at and play to win.

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