Raghavendra took down the 15th Lakhpati title at Andyz FC

Raghavendra-pokerBangalore, 10th May 2015. The tournament action in Bangalore gets heated up every weekend with the 5K event which crown a “Lakhpati” every Sunday at the Andyz FC. In the 15th event of this Lakhpati tournament on 10th May, Raghavendra Lingaraj took down the title with the top prize of Rs 1 Lac outplaying a field of 45 runners.

After hours of grind when the tournament came to an end, Dilip Srinivas, Head Operation Andyz FC said, “The action is indeed heating up week-on-week at AndyzFC. With some of the biggies going out early in the game, and relatively unsung faces shining, it was Raghavendra that finally took the tourney down. We’re having some exceedingly brilliant action, and slowly but surely, the skill level in the tourney circuit is getting pushed up. The club is also growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re in the space to release a bunch of announcements in the next couple of weeks. The action is crazy, both on and off the stage, and we endeavor to make AndyzFC the place to be, the place to aspire to going forward!”

The tournament started with a battle of flush in which the tournament regular Vinod Megalamani busted against the villain with a higher flush hand. Divyank Gupta kept on eliminating opponents and amassing chips which boosted him to the Final Table. This time, most of regulars fell in the battle missing out the Final Table.

Here are the 10-handed final table chip counts:

Position Player Chips
1 Jagroop Singh 58.3K
2 Raghavndra Lingaraj 57K
3 Akash C Shekhar 42K
4 Hari Kumar 34.6K
5 Sanjay Chaudhary 32.1K
6 Divyank Gupta 24.2K
7 Anubhav Adlakha 23.7K
8 Mohammed Khan 20.5K
9 Akshay George 16.4K
10 Srinivas S 6.4K

Anubhav Adlakha was the first to depart from the final table when he went all-in to a raise of 9K by Hari Kumar. Hari’s Aces won the pot against Anubhav‘s A Q off. Aces were on the run at Andzy Lakhpati tournament on Sunday eliminating another player – Mohammed Khan who showed pocket Nines against Sanjay’s rockets. Mohammed left the final table in 9th position. Akash Shekhar busted in 8th position from a 3-way pot in which Hari Kumar and Divyank Gupta showed pockets Tens and chopped the pot.

It was pockets taking over the show at Andyz Lakpati tournament. Sanjay called the short stack shove by Akshay George and won the pot with 6 6 knocking out Akshay in the 7th place. Divyank Gupta was the next player to hit the rails when he went all in with AJ and again Sanjay was the caller who had JJs. No ace on board meant Divyank Gupta finishing 6th. Sanjay was on a roll eliminating Srinivas S in the 5th place and Hari Kumar in the 3rd position. Finally, he found himself up against Raghavendra in the heads-up game which went on for a while swinging stacks. In the final hand, Raghavendra went all-in with J4 which Sanjay called with KQ. Raghavendra hit J which sealed the title in his name with the 1st prize of 100K and Sanjay Chaudhry took home 50K for the runner-up finish.