Anirudh wins the Main Event of Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series at Rockets Poker Room

anirudh10 hours, 117 entries, Rs 6.7 Lakhs in prizepool and 1 trophy with the top prize of Rs 2 Lakhs. The Main event of Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series set up an exciting battle of cards at Rockets Poker Room in Bangalore. The exciting battle of cards came to a close in the wee hours when Anirudh hit a pair of Ace on the turn beating Kishore’s Jack-pair in the last hand to clinch the trophy.

Tournament Round up

The 6,000 NLH, 5 Lakh Gtd Main Event of Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series started after a number of one-handed satellites in which 6 players won their ME seat. Adda52 Team Spades pro Amit Jain & Aditya Sushant, Team Thrill pro Sahil Agarwal, Vinay B, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Jaideep Sazwan were among the notables in the field. A prize pool of Rs 6.7 Lakhs was accumulated and 12 places were declared paid with the lion’s share (Rs 2 Lakhs) going to the champion.

Within 30 minutes of play, the tournament saw the first elimination as in Raman who fell prey to the opponent’s River-Straight. In a thrilling 3-way action, Dhruva busted when his Sashi dominated him and Gokul (Trips of King) with a bigger flush. Dipen Chettri’s Aces were busted when Rohit’s c7h7 met another 7 on the flop. Naitik Jain and Aditya Sushnat too couldn’t make a deep run and got eliminated from the Main Event.

Mid-Level Game and ITM War

Chetan was leading the field of 49 players with 81,000 chips at the 2nd break in the tournament. Meenu, one of the two female players in the tournament got eliminated in the Level 10 when Sandeep’s h1sj held higher against her s1d10. Santosh Suvarna busted out with hqdq against opponent’s s1ck and dealer bringing another King on the turn.

After a number elimination, the filed was slashed to 21 players lead by Kishan with 150,000 chips. Srinivasan hit a runner-runner straight sending Prateek to rails just 2 place short of the money. Sadly, Srinivsan himself couldn’t sustain longer and became the money bubble of the Main Event beaten by Kaplesh.

Race to the Final Table

After 12 players were assured on the money, it took only 2 eliminations to form the 10-hand final table in the Main Event of Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series. Varun (12th) and Arun (11th) took home Ra 12,500 each while top 10 players proceeded to the final table battle.

Final Table Battle

The Final Table started with Amit (250,000) in chip lead and Kaplesh (166,000) 2nd in chip count. Vidwath Shetty became the first casualty at the final table bagging Rs 15,000 in the 10th place. In a 5-way preflop war which climaxed with 3 players up for a pot of over 350,000, Vinay got eliminated in the 9th place. Kishore’s set of Queens did the trick for him wining the biggest pot so far in the tournament.

Kishore was killing at the final table and it was Amit and Mandy falling prey to him in the next hand. Kishore’s d1dk held high against Amit’s c10h1 and Mandy’s dqck when board ran d5h6sjc2s5. In a short while, 3 more eliminations as in Deepak Kempegowda (5th, Rs 40,000), Chetan (4th, Rs 60,000) and Kishan (3rd, Rs 1 Lakh) set the headsup of the Main Event.

In the very first hand played in the heads up, Anirudh and Kishore got into preflop war. At the showdown:

Anirudh: d1ck

Kishore: dqdj

Table: s9hjd7s1c8

Anirudh won the hand and the Main Event title with Rs 2 Lakhs in cash prize. Kishore bagged Rs 1.3 Lakhs for the runner-up finish.