Indian Poker Pot: 5 Tourneys won by Indians; Raghav Bansal bags 5-figure Cash

weekly online poker winsWhile some of the players headed to Manila last week for APPT Season 9 and many others took a shot at 3 events of the Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series, the online grinders kept the virtual felt hot with 5 tourney wins. The last week of July saw Indian MTT grinders bagging one 5-figure cash and a few notable 4-figure money finishes at the virtual felt.

Raghav Bansal who recently made 4 money finishes in the 2015 WSOP including a final table finish, returned to the virtual felt with a bang. Although he couldn’t win the tourney, Raghav aka riverrag bagged $12,060 in the 3rd place of $162 Sunday 6-Max, $100K Gtd on PokerStars. This held up as the highest individual cash of the India Poker Pot making Raghav the “OPN Star of the Week”. Meanwhile, indiandurr, Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover and Arvindhan aka tiltalert86 also contributed markedly to the Indian Poker Pot in Week 31 of 2015.

Only 3 notable wins/cashes came in the first four days of the week. However, Indian poker players stormed the online felt on weekend (Fri-Sun) clinching 4 toruney wins and a number of final table finishes.

Monday – Thursday

The week started with Aditya Agarwal bagging $1,286 in the $82 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $7.5K Gtd for 3rd place finish on Monday. Karthik ‘pegasus1505’ Ved won $539 finishing 5th in the $21 NL Hold’em [Super-Knockout], $15K Gtd on Tuesday. Wednesday was a quiet day at the virtual felt as no Indian player could record any notable cash/win. indiandurr won the first tourney for Indians in Week 31 topping the field of 3,257 player in The Hot $16.50 [Turbo], $40K Gtd. He added $7,696.82 to his online winnings from this tourney.


Sharad ‘keenyle’ Rao bagged the win with $2,062 in top prize in the PS $3.30+R NL Hold’em, $10K Gtd. rajaav who had a fantastic run in the Omaha tourneys on PokerStars this weekend won the $22+R PL Omaha [6-Max], $1K Gtd for $900. Abhishek Rathod missed the top place in 2 tourneys on Friday. In the $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $10K Gtd on PokeStars, he finished 3rd for $1,186 while in the €5,000 Gtd Pearl on Titan Poker, he finished runner-up for $1,021.


Thiruvananthapuram based rajaav continued his Omaha excellence on Saturday winning the $11+R PL Omaha,6-Max, $1.5K Gtd – New Structure! for $795. He could have won another Omaha tourney on Friday but, unfortunately finished runner-up. He bagged $2,350 in the $215 Weekly PL Omaha, $8K Gtd bagging $2,350. Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover also missed the tourney win but, fetched a runner-up prize of $6,159 in The Big $22, $40K Gtd. Sharad Rao finished 10th in The Big $109, $65K Gtd pocketing $908. Adi Agarwal made a final table (5th) finish in the $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $8K Gtd for $581.


11 notable wins/cash in the online tourneys for Indian made this Sunday a perfect finish for the week. rajaav won another Omaha tourney on PokerStars for $869 while the biggest individual figure of the week ($12,060) came from Raghav Bansal in the $162 Sunday 6-Max, $100K Gtd. indiandurr finished 5th in The Bigger $44, $35K Gtd for $2,076 and 12th in the $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $75K Gtd – Sunday Edition for $966. Arjanveer Singh Chadha aka arjan30 made a runner-up finish in the $8.80 NL Hold’em [Progressive Super-Knockout] bagging $1,263.

Indians went unlucky on Sunday with another runner-up finish coming from slayerjay in the $82 NL Hold’em [4-Max, Turbo, Ultra-Deep Stacks] for $2,065. Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain collected $1,225 finishing 32nd in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $400K Gtd. Karan Radia won $1,422 in the $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $20K Gtd finishing 5th and Sabyasachi Chakraborty collected $1,138 finishing 6th in the $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $20K Gtd. The 2nd best cash figure this week also came on Sunday when Arvindhan aka tiltalert86 won $8,547 finishing 5th in The Bigger $55, $160K Gtd. Karthik Ved pocketed $660 finishing 7th in The Bigger $16.50, $18K Gtd.

Here is the Indian Poker Pot:

Player/User Event Prize/Position Date
Adi Agarwal $82 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $7.5K Gtd $1,286/3rd 27-Jul
pegasus1505 $21 NL Hold’em [Super-Knockout], $15K Gtd $539/5th 28-Jul
indiandurr PS The Hot $16.50 [Turbo], $40K Gtd $7,697/1st 30-Jul
abhi147 PS $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $10K Gtd $1,186/3rd 31-Jul
abhi147 Titan Poker €5,000 Gtd Pearl   $1,021/2nd 31-Jul
rajaav PS $22+R PL Omaha [6-Max], $1K Gtd $900/1st 31-Jul
keenyle PS $3.30+R NL Hold’em, $10K Gtd $2,062/1st 31-Jul
rajaav PS $215 Weekly PL Omaha, $8K Gtd $2,350/2nd 1-Aug
rajaav PS $11+R PL Omaha,6-Max, $1.5K Gtd – New Structure! $795/1st 1-Aug
BigggTymeR PS The Big $22, $40K Gtd $6,159/2nd 1-Aug
keenyle The Big $109, $65K Gtd $908/10th 1-Aug
Adi Agarwal $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $8K Gtd $581/5th 1-Aug
rajaav PS $11+R PL Omaha,6-Max, $1.5K Gtd – New Structure! $869/1st 2-Aug
indiandurr PS The Bigger $44, $35K Gtd $2,076/5th 2-Aug
indiandurr PS $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $75K Gtd – Sunday Edition $966/12th 2-Aug
arjan30 PS $8.80 NL Hold’em [Progressive Super-Knockout] $1,263/2nd 2-Aug
slayerjay PS $82 NL Hold’em [4-Max, Turbo, Ultra-Deep Stacks] $2,065/2nd 2-Aug
Karan Radia $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $20K Gtd $1,422/5th 2-Aug
Infusion_leo $11 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $20K Gtd $1,138/6th 2-Aug
riverrag $162 Sunday 6-Max, $100K Gtd $12,060/3rd 2-Aug
tiltalert86 The Bigger $55, $160K Gtd $8,547/5th 2-Aug
bblacklegend $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $400K Gtd $1,225/32nd 2-Aug
pegasus1505 The Bigger $16.50, $18K Gtd   $660/7th 2-Aug


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    I play under the screen name “rajaav” and i appreciate the effort put by you to track results and even mention low scores.hats off guys

    • OPN NewsDesk
      August 15, 2015 - 11:47 am

      Thanks for the kind words. Good Luck for the upcoming games.

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