APPT 9 Manila: Dhaval Mudgal Finishes Runner-up in Event 6

appt 9 manilaThe Asian poker felt has seen some of the finest Indian performances in 2015. Team India has made a remarkable presence in every tournament winning titles and making several final-table and cash finishes. The streak of success continued in the APPT Season 9 Manila with 6 money finishes in 5 days of action. Team Thrill pro Dhaval Mudgals runner-up finish in the Event 6: ₱5,000 NLH Freezeout has been the highlight of the tournament for Team India so far. He bagged the runner-up cash prize of ₱138,180 in this event.

Dhaval started off with a deep run in Event # 2: ₱20,000 Deepstack NLH but missed the money finishing 10th (7 places paid. However, he continued his good run in the Event 1: Warm-Up event placing 22nd for ₱29,900. Dhaval’s fellow Team pro member Shravan Chhabria won also made into the money finishing 36th for ₱24,900. Dhaval also min-cashed in the Event 5: ₱2,500 KO Bounty. Another Indian player, Nikhil Agarwal won ₱24,900 finishing 32nd in the same event. In the Event 4: Deepstack PLO Champion, Rohit Bhalla made a final table finish (6th) bagging ₱69,700.

Team India at APPT 9 Manila has grown bigger and stronger with Adda52 Team Spades pros Amit Jain & Aditya Sushant joining the contingent for further events in the series.

Event 1: Warm-Up

The inaugural event of APPT 9 Manila drew 570 entries across 3 flights and Alex Lee of Malaysia went on to clinch the trophy on Day 2. Alex took home ₱1,082,200 in top prize with the APPT trophy. In the final hand, Lee’s Q♣8♠ dominated Edmil Marcelo’s 6♣5♣ on the board of A♦3♣3♠Q♥2♠. 3 Indian players – Dhaval Mudgal, Shravan Chhabria and Nikhil Agarwal made it to the money list of this event. Here are the final table results:

Position Player (Country) Prize (in PHP)
1 1st Alex Lee (Malaysia) 1,082,200
2 2nd Edmil Marcelo (Philippines) 671,800
3 3rd Yen Han “Pete” Chen (Chinese Taipei) 415,500
4 4th Peter Ronn Baterina (Philippines) 317,000
5 5th Lester Edoc (Philippines) 218,900
6 6th Collin Ho (Singapore) 174,200
7 7th In Sin (South Korea) 141,800
8 8th David Lee (USA) 119,400
9 9th Fu Bang “Pipi” Huang 99,500

Event # 2: ₱20,000 Deepstack NLH

Fu Bang ‘Fubo’ Huang outplayed a short field of 58 players in the ₱20,000 Deepstack NLH event winning the trophy with the top prize of ₱340,040. Juyoung Lee of Korea finished runner-up bagging ₱216,300 in cash prize. From Team India, Dhaval finshed 10th place, 3 short of money. Here are the final table results:

Position Player (Country) Prize (in PHP)
1st  Fu Bang ‘Fubo’ Huang (Chinese Taipei) ₱340,040
2nd  Juyoung Lee (Korea) ₱216,300
3rd  Renan Morales (Philippines) ₱144,200
4th  Maroto Takahashi (Japan) ₱113,300
5th  Victor Raul Onoja Perez (Peru) ₱82,400
6th  Iori Yogo (Japan) ₱72,100
7th  Yen Han ‘Pete’ Chen (Chinese Taipei) ₱61,800

Event # 3: ₱2,000 Rebuy Champion

Out of 102 entries in this event, Hideki Takafuji from Japan triumphed the battle to win the ₱155,500 in first place prize. Takafuji beat Hui Yao of China in the heads-up to win the title. 12 players who made it to the money are:

Position Player (Country) Prize (in PHP)
1  Hideki Takafuji (Japan) (₱155,500)
2  Hui Yao (China) (₱105,600)
3  John Tech (Philippines) (₱70,400)
4  Alex Ward (UK) (₱55,700)
5  Sam Aik Chuan Nee (Malaysia) (₱44,000)
6  Anton Chernykh (Russia) (₱38,100)
7  Brian Gibbons (UK) (₱32,300)
8  Woochul Cho (Korea) (₱26,400)
9  Jinduk Kim (Korea) (₱20,500)
10 Mikhail Oleinikov (Russia) (₱14,756)
11  Kenny Lim Teck Wee (Brunei Darussalam) (₱11,700)
12  Nelia Nepomoceno (Philippines) (₱11,700)

Event 4: Deepstack PLO

Charles Esteban of Philippines grabbed the top place earning him ₱268,720 with the APPT event title. 10 players were paid out of 76 entries in this tournament. From Team India, Rohit Bhalla placed 6th bagging ₱69,700. Here are the players making it to money:

Position Player (Country) Prize (In PHP)
1 Charles Esteban (Philippines) 268,720
2 Eugene Co (Philippines) 179,100
3 Iori Yogo (Japan) 119,400
4 Xiao Chuan Zhang (China) 99,500
5 Maria Carmen Esdaile (Philippines) 79,600
6 Rohit Bhalla (India) 69,700
7 Edison Marzan (Philippines) 59,700
8 Rolf Galasen (Norway) 49,800
9 Bohan Xiao (China) 39,800
10 Watai Yuichi (Japan) 29,900

Event 5: ₱2,500 KO Bounty

The bounty event saw 251 players joining the battle making a prize pool of ₱410,634 and ₱125,000 in bounties. See Ming Siong of Singapore topped the field to clinch the trophy and ₱83,000 in top prize. Dhaval Mudgal min cashed in this event placing 26th out of 27 ITM players. Here are the final table results:

Position Player (Country) Prize (In PHP)
1 See Ming Siong (Singapore) ₱83,000
2 Si Yan Phua (Singapore) ₱60,000
3 Soo Ghee Lim (Singapore) ₱60,000
4 Alexis Lim (Philippines) ₱32,800
5 Renato Villanueva (Philippines) ₱25,900
6 Roberto Cruz (Philippines) ₱20,500
7 Victor Raul Onoja Perez (Peru) ₱16,400
8 Maxim Doronin (Russia) ₱13,334
9 Almond Cabral (Philippines) ₱10,300
10 Johnnie Saksvik (Norway) ₱8,200

Event 6: ₱5,000 NLH Freezeout

192 players vied to win form the prize pool of ₱838,080 in this event. Dhaval Mudgal ran deep in this event and was up against Jose Drilon in the heads-up. In the end it was Jose winning the trophy with top prize of ₱209,400. Dhaval bagged ₱138,180 for the runner-up finish. Here are the top 10 money-finishers:

Position Player (Country) Prize (In PHP)
1 Jose Drilon (Philippines) 209,400
2 Dhaval Mudgal (India) 138,180
3 Hideki Takafuji (Japan) 88,000
4 Daisuke Ikeda (Japan) 71,200
5 Diana Tan, (Philippines) 56,600
6 Samad Razavi (UK) 46,100
7 Kenji Kurashina (Japan) 37,700
8 Anton Chernykh (Russia) 29,300
9 Iori Yogo (Japan) 20,900
10 Noel Araniel (Philippines) 16,800

₱50,000 Main Event will start on August 06 and will run till August 09. The winner of the main event will get HK$100,000 entry to 2015 ACOP Main Event along with the top prize. Stay Tuned to OPN India for further updates on APPT 9 Manila.