Indian Poker Pot – Week 35: felter1989 wins the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance; bblacklegend bags over $20K

weekly online poker winsBe it life or poker, every week brings new challenges which champions take on with gusto. The last week of August saw Indian poker players hitting the online felt once again with all their skills and strategies to conquer the fields. Indian grinders won 7 online tourneys this week which combined with a number of final table and cash finishes made the Indian Poker Pot for Week 35 of 2015. Shashank “felter1989” Jain became the “OPN Star of the Week” by winning the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance, $175K Gtd on PokerStars for $29,231.20.

Monday – Friday

The first 5 days of Week 35 saw only 5 notable score at the online felt by Indian MTT grinders. Rajaav aka crorepathy who has been consistently crushing the Omaha tourneys on PokerStars started off on Monday with the 8th place finish in the $530 Monday PL Omaha [6-Max], $40K Gtd. There was no significant score by Indian grinders on Tuesday. Arsh “BigggTymeR” Grover broke the silence with a bang on Wednesday winning The Big $75, $25K Gtd for $6677. Sharad Rao won the $4,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack on 888 Poker bagging $547. On the same day, Sanjay Taneja finished 3rd in the WCOOP Preview: $27 NL Hold’em [Phase 2], $5,000 Gtd on PokerStars adding $1,457 to his online poker winnings. Except few small cashes, Thursday didn’t bring any notable contribution of the Indian Poker Pot. However, on Friday, Sabyasachi “Infusion_leo” Chakraborty won the Full Tilt $2,000 Guarantee bagging $655.


Amit Jain set off the weekend bash with a 4th place finish in The Big $162, $60K Gtd for $5,487 on Saturday. Arsh Grover joined the party winning $2703 for the 7th place finish in The Big $109, $65K Gtd. Raajav continued his Omaha run but missed the win in $215 Weekly PL Omaha, $8K Gtd by 1 place. He earned $2,150 for his runner-up finish in this tourney. Saby shipped another tourney on Full Tilt winning $944 in the Full Tilt Turbo Fiddy. In the first ever Apple Watch tourney on Adda52, “anujexists” triumphed the battlefield to clinch the brand new Apple Watch.


As always, the best was yet to come and this time it was Shashank “felter1989” Jain winning the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance, $175K Gtd on PokerStars for $29,231.20. Amit “bblacklegend” Jain winning the 5-figure cash prize in The Hotter $75 [Turbo], $100K Gtd on PokerStars on Sunday. In a 1768-player field, Amit battled down to the heads-up with Crackdel29 which unfortunately, he lost. Amit added $19,519 to his online tournament winnings which stands above $1 million. rajesh_asi and Subhodeep Paul were the two Indian players finishing the Week 35 on a winning note. rajesh_asi won the $2.70 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Knockout], $10K Gtd for $1,695 while Subhodeep bagged $2083 winning the $5.50 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $5K Gtd on PokerStars. BigggTymer was again in action in the $215 Sunday Million, $1M Gtd wherein he finished 66th bagging $1,629. Infusion_leo cashed another $478 finishing 19th in The Bigger $55, $160K Gtd on Sunday.

Here is the Indian Poker Pot for Week 35 (Aug 24 – 30):

Player/User Event Prize/Position Date
crorepathy $530 Monday PL Omaha [6-Max], $40K Gtd $1706/8th 24-Aug
BigggTymeR The Big $75, $25K Gtd $6677/1st 26-Aug
sanjaytaneja WCOOP Preview: $27 NL Hold’em [Phase 2], $5,000 Gtd $1,457/3rd 26-Aug
sharadrao 888 Poker $4,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack $547/1st 26-Aug
Infusion_leo Full Tilt $2,000 Guarantee $655/1st 28-Aug
bblacklegend The Big $162, $60K Gtd $5,487/4th 29-Aug
BigggTymeR The Big $109, $65K Gtd $2703/7th 29-Aug
crorepathy $215 Weekly PL Omaha, $8K Gtd $2,150/2nd 29-Aug
Infusion_leo Full Tilt Turbo Fiddy $944/1st 29-Aug
anujexists Adda52 Apple Watch Apple Watch/1st 29-Aug
bblacklegend The Hotter $75 [Turbo], $100K Gtd $14,639/2nd 30-Aug
rajesh_asi $2.70 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Knockout], $10K Gtd $1,695/1st 30-Aug
BigggTymeR $215 Sunday Million, $1M Gtd $1,629/66th 30-Aug
Subhodeep Paul $5.50 NL Hold’em [1R1A], $5K Gtd $2083/1st 30-Aug
Infusion_leo The Bigger $55, $160K Gtd $478/19th 30-Aug
felter1989 $215 Sunday 2nd Chance, $175K Gtd $29,231.20/1st 30-Aug

Disclaimer – Tournament wins and cash finishes data are collected from online sites and public forums. Please notify us your wins/cashes in online poker, if it has been missed out. OPN India will be glad to showcase that in our featured column – Indian Poker Pot.