Mega Rs 10,000 Prize for Magic-Poker’s TRIPLE TREASURE event, PLAY TO CLAIM!!

Magic-Poker announced today the launch of their Grand event “TRIPLE TREASURE”. Magic-Poker is offering grand rewards to its players. The event promises to acknowledge the loyal players with grand reward money worth Rs 10,000 prize pool. The event is active from 20 August 2015(00:00 hrs) to 22 August 2015(24:00 hrs).


About “Triple Treasure” event:

  • Download Magic-Poker.
  • Just Play 300 Times for 3 days.
  • Win PayTM e-voucher.

Magic-Poker launches in-game events very often. With Triple Treasure event, Magic-Poker wants everybody to participate and play. The event is simple, fun and user friendly. The player just needs to play and play with any hand card. Triple Treasure allows even beginners to join and win the rewards easily. Triple Treasure pleases both the pros and amateur poker players to join and claim from Rs.10000 prize pool.

The prize pool will be divided into 3 lucky winners as Rs.6000 for the winner, Rs.3000 for first runner-up and Rs.1000 for second runner-up.


Magic-Poker’s prime focus is the Indian Game Market as they feel that Indians always welcome new ideas warmly. Magic-Poker is loved by youngster or the people who love to explore card games. Magic-Poker is gaining popularity in Indian game market since its launch. The players are enthusiastic to participate in magic-poker’s events as the missions are always fun and challenging. Magic-Poker offers opportunity to all genres of poker players. Also, they love to reward and acknowledge their loyal players in each and every event. Soon, Magic-Poker will be launching grand events with bigger prize pools.

About Magic-Poker

Magic-Poker is an all new smart phone card game based on Texas hold’em powered by Minosday Co Ltd. The Magic-Poker game offers players the ultimate gaming experience, along with high quality animated graphics, and rich audio track, with innovative customization of card decks, altogether delivering the most exclusive card gaming .

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