Is Multi Action Poker the Future of Live Poker? Brian Hastings is the new M.A.P ambassador

We are in an era of innovation wherein every sector is exploring endless opportunities. Poker World is also seeing a number of changes in terms of games, playing styles, intelligent softwares etc. A new style of live poker was introduced by PAC Gaming President Tim Frazin called “Multi Action Poker” in which all players at a table can play two games simultaneously. Similar to the online multi-tabling but players be seated at only one table physically and play two games. In simple terms, it’s merging two live tables into one and running that with two set of dealers, decks of cards, betting areas and chips stacks.

multi action poker

3-time WSOP Bracelet Winner, Brian Hastings has joined the team of “Multi Action Poker” as one of its ambassador. He will be accompanied by Jennifer Harman and Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi in promoting this new style of poker across the world.

“Multi Action Poker is a fun new variant of live poker,” said Hastings. “The action is fast and furious and players get significantly more hands per hour. MAP is an online poker player’s live poker dream game.”

“Two hands are always better than one,” explained Mizrachi. “Multi Action Poker is great for someone who likes action and more hands. The action never stops.”

“Multi Action Poker is a blast to play,” said Harman. “You don’t ever have to wait for a hand. You are always in action. It’s a fresh new way to enjoy all the best poker games.”

With everything in two different sets on the table, a player keeps playing two hands simultaneously. So, one can be seeing a flop in one hand and waiting for the river card in the other. Each dealer on the table takes care of the game he is running thus, directing players to play their respective hands. M.A.P uses a specially designed table, cards and chips which allows players to play even two variants e.g. Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha at a time.

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“It’s not hard to pitch the game to the casinos, because for them it’s about the bottom line,” Frazin said. “If a poker room decides to offer Multi Action Poker, they are going to double the amount of rake they collect at that table. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

The M.A.P was launched initially in a few casinos in Las Vegas for beta testing. Now, it’s running full-time at the Isle of Capri Casino in Pompano Beach, Florida. With three brand ambassadors on-board, the M.A.P team is all set to promote this game style in other parts of the world.

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