Poker Player Files: Ace on the Turn by Yuvraj

yuvrajYuvraj Chaudhary was living a regular corporate life till he found poker 8 years back. He now lives, breathes, walks and even works in the poker industry. An avid player, a tournament reg and a young poker face- Yuvraj blogs with OPN about the journey that he calls is his definite destiny. ‘Ace on the Turn’ is his canvas where he draws out the picture of his poker life.

Dated: 15th May 2015

The hardest part about writing this is deciding what to write about. I don’t want to write about my bad beat stories because I personally hate it when I have to listen to others’. I don’t want to give any advice or strategies on improving your game (let’s be real, if that’s what you were looking for then you’d be reading what Galfond or Seiver wrote).

So I’ll just continue with my story and tell you about the first thing I learned, the hard way. How important bankroll management is! Like many people, I underestimated the power of proper bankroll management. When you have other sources of income, you do not focus too seriously on it. At least I was stupid enough not to. It’s not that I went completely crazy and played way higher than my bankroll allowed, but I’m guilty of occasionally being stubborn and not moving down the stakes while going through a big downswing when I clearly should have. I also had a bad habit of digging into my profits more than I should have.

I realized my mistake after going through a huge downswing and my bankroll was crippled. I was lucky enough to not go broke and recovered from it soon enough. So my only advice would be to seriously practice disciplined bankroll management, read and learn the proper way to go about it.

Before I end this, there is something I would like to put out. As I mentioned in the last blog, after I left my job I have been working on something with some people within the Poker industry. Although I cannot disclose too much right now, let’s just say that soon we are going to have a standardized Poker ranking system for all the Indian players. Something like the GPI. It’s about time the Indian poker players get the well-deserved exposure and appreciation. Let’s make it happen..!

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