Poker Player Files: Grinders Inc by JD

Grinders-IncPresenting a poker blog by Jaideep Sajwan. In Grinders Inc he blogs about his long grinds- sometimes extending to a dozen hours. Through his blog, he shares his hands, his decisions, his justifications for those decisions and shares little pearls of wisdom from these poker sessions.

Jaideep Sajwan is based in Bangalore and grinds both online as well as offline. He will be blogging about his grinding progress for a month.

You can follow him on twitter @jdsazpoker

Dated: 22th May 2015


The past week or so has been grind full on. SCOOP is here on Pokerstars and everyone is grinding pretty hard to get that SCOOP title and the watch. Aditya ’Donkab0mber’ Sushant has come close twice already and with the weekend coming he surely will give us a sweat to rail somewhere. Another Indian ‘r shetty’ came in second for a 35k score #congrats. The biggest sweat for me personally though has to be of Amit ’bombaylad’ Verma. In all honesty I think there were so many people who wanted him to win that tourney, be it those who have played along him in the old Goa days or those who are his avid column readers(raise hand) .

His was the only event I railed from like 18 people left and was rooting for him.It was a 7R PLO event and we all very well know how hard he was playing for the title. I’m a PLO enthusist so it was like rail heaven for me rooting for someone to take it down. He sadly came in 2nd and surely he was devasted by the performance even though it was a very good score. His sole aim was the title and anything less than that was defeat in his eyes. #respect

Shifting the focus to my own personal grind, I have been putting a decent volume online. The aim of playing 800 MTT a month is on track. Since the last post here a week or 2 back I made few FT’s. Came 3rd in 13.5$ KO and 2nd in a 5$ one on stars. Need to work on my short handed game cause I was in good position 3 way in both tourneys and managed to mess it up.

The grind house has been rocking. Saby ’infusion_leo’ won the 25$ triceratops yesterday on FT and just finished 3rd in the Big 22 today morning. He has been playing less amount online and focusing on Live softer games lately. Good to see him peek at the right moment before probably the biggest weekend in the year for Online poker. As I am writing this Sahil’Antilog’Agarwal would be taking his seat at the THOS Main Event Final table so am hoping he gets us the trophy for the trophy cabinet.

So Gl all for the weekend ahead and happy grinding.

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