PokerStars Offers Betting on Top Pros for the WCOOP $51,000 Super High Roller

Sports betting became the latest offering of PokerStars when it launched StarsDraft last month. Now, the World’s biggest poker site has advanced a step ahead offering betting odds on its own poker tournament. PokerStars announced a betting marketing for the WCOOP $51,000 Super High Roller tournament to be played on September 20-21.

You may place your bet on top 20 pros listed as of now by PokerStars and win as per the odds given. Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, Jason Mercier and Chris Moorman are among the favourites in the currents list at odds of 13.00 (12/1, +1200).

Here are the top 20 players and their odds:


Jason Mercier 13.00
KidPoker 13.00
Moorman1 13.00
PokerNoob999 15.00
lechuckpoker 15.00
philbort 15.00
mrGR33N13 15.00
CrownUpGuy 15.00
wizowizo 15.00
Ike Haxton 15.00
ZeeJustin 15.00
ElkY 15.00
Mrsweets28 15.00
Timex 15.00
Isildur1 15.00
zangbezan24 17.00
Sauce123 17.00
Danny98765 17.00
jcarverpoker 17.00
SirWatts 17.00

The betting market will be open until $51,000 Super High Roller kicks off at 12.30 ET on September 20. The betting window will be closed on Day 1 after the game starts and will be re-opened before the start of Day 2.

Stephen Fisk, Managing Director of Sports Betting at PokerStars, said: “We’re excited to offer customers the opportunity to bet on online poker tournaments for the first time and the WCOOP $51,000 Super High Roller event is the perfect place to start. It’s already the most talked about online tournament of the year, and with the added spice that having a bet on it brings, fans and players from around the world can rail their favourite player and win money even if they don’t have a spare $51k lying around.”

Betting is available in countries where PokerStars already offers sports betting on PokerStars’ .COM, .EU, and .UK licenses. For details visit