Ask Phil Hellmuth Anything on Reddit AMA on Thursday

phil-hellmuth-reddit-AMAYes! You read it right. The 14-time WSOP bracelet winner, Phil “Pokerbrat” Hellmuth is coming live on Reddit AMA on Thursday, 17 Sep 2015 to answer all your questions. Reddit AMA is an “Ask Me Anything” thread where the famous personalities of the world interact with their fans and followers.

From Barack Obama to Bill Gates and from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Chris Jericho, Reddit AMA has seen numerous notables answer their fan’s questions. The poker industry is not untouched with this as several players including Jason Mercier, Antonio Esfandiari, Vanessa Selbst and Phil Galfond have done the AMA on Reddit in past.

The announcement of Phil Hellmuth doing Reddit AMA came through tweet today by Chad Allan Holloway. The AMA will be open which starts on Thursday at 8pm PT will be open till Sunday, 20th September.

Before Pokerbrat takes it to Reddit on Thursday, we went through the AMA of Antonio Esfandiari, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst and Phil Galfond to pick a few interesting questions asked by their followers.

FromaLand: What’s Daniel Negreanu like in person? He seems like an awesome guy.
Antonio Esfandiari: Nice guy. Pretty funny actually…Although not all of his jokes are the best 🙂 AND he would only have to be paid 1.5 Million bucks to LEGALLY change his last name to Hellmuth !?!?! Has he lost his mind?

sydney601: What tilts you the most?
Jason Mercier: Traffic

spez (Steve Huffman, Cofounder & CEO of Reddit): Couple of fun facts: I met Vanessa and her brother Andrew on a cruise in 2005, a few months before we started reddit.
Alexis and I crashed at Andrew’s place at MIT when we were applying to YC.
Venessa Selbst: Hi Steve!!! You’re still like, my most famous/accomplished friend 😀 see you soon I hope!
spez: You might be MY most famous friend!

I’m sorry if this is a bad memory, but I still laugh at this:

I was flipping through channels and stopped on the WSOP and saw you. I was like, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT’S VANESSA!!” And then you bluffed hard, got called, lost, and said, “whoops, that was a bad read.” Norman Chad said something like, “No, Vanessa, USA Today is a bad read. I don’t know what that was.”

Anyway, really happy for all your success. I’m happy that of all your winnings, $20 or so is mine.

ZavBanks: Any tips on how to decimate your good friends in cash games?
Phil Galfond: Make friends with terrible players.

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