Adda52 LIVE Chip Up Tournament October’15: 1 Million GTD Event – Live Reporting

rishabh-adda52-live-main-winnerRishabh takes down the 1 Million GTD Main Event of Adda52 LIVE Chip Up Series Oct’15

Time: 05:45 Level: 22 Blinds: 15,000/30,000 Ante: 5,000

In the final hand played in the heads-up dual, Rishabh raised to 100,000 to which Deepak shoved his total stack. At the showdown:

Rishabh: c1c9

Deepak: d1dk

Table: c10d9c2h4h9

Rishabh won the pot and tournament with the trips of 9. He won Rs 320,000 with the Adda52 Main Event trophy. Deepak bagged Rs 200,000 for the runner-up finish.

“I ran good on the final table and was putting pressure on short stakes. Happy to ship this”, said the champion Rishabh.

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Jake finishes 3rd for Rs 130,000

Time: 05:20 Level: 21 Blinds: 12,000/24,000 Ante: 3,000

Jake was up against Rishabh and showed dkdj while Rishabh had d9d7. The community ran c3s5c1s6c9 giving Rishabh pair of Nines to take down the pot. Jake departed in 3rd place leaving Rishabh and Deepak in Heads-up.

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Prasad (5th, Rs 70,000) and Shekhar (4th, Rs 100,000) eliminated

Time: 04:53 Level: 20 Blinds: 10,000/20,000 Ante: 3,000

Two more eliminations in the main event and we are down to the top 3. Prasad got eliminated in a 3-way action for Rs 70,000 while Shekhar finished 4th bagging Rs 100,000.

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Varun eliminated in 6th Pace for Rs 55,000

Time: 04:25 Level: 19 Blinds: 8,000/16,000 Ante: 3,000

Varun shoved his entire stack with s8c9 which Jake snap called showing skc1. Community d10h8cks4h3gave Jake a bigger pair to win the pot. Varun’s main event run came to and end in the 6th place.

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Two more eliminations – Kishore (8th, Rs 32,500) and Samar (7th, Rs 40,000)

Time: 04:07 Level: 18 Blinds: 6,000/12,000 Ante: 2,000

Kishore’s main event run came to an end in the 8th pace for Rs 32,500. A few hands later, Shekhar, Samar and Rishabh got involved in a 3-way pot.

Shekhar: h1s7

Samar: dkc10

Rishabh: s1d7

A dry board resulted into Shekhar and Rishabh chopping the pot while Samar departed in the 7th place for Rs 40,000.