Amit Jain reached Day 3 of the WPT National, Philippines Main Event; Kunal Patni finished 24th

amit-jain-wptIn the on-going Main Event of the World Poker Tour National, Philippines, Adda52 Team Spades pro Amit Jain has successfully made it to the Day 3 with 243,000 chips. 22 players survived from the Day 2 battle on Wednesday led by Norwegian player Markus Garberg with 674,000 chips. Team India was going strong at a time on Day 2 with Sameer Rattonsey, Vikram Kumar and 2 Team Spades pros Kunal Patni and Amit Jain in the field. However, only Amit Jain survived for the Day 3 action by the end of the day.

Kunal Patni built up one of the top 5 stacks on Day 2 but lost a huge pot when his Aces got cracked against an opponent hitting Flush on the river. Although it was a big damage to Kunal’s stack, he reached in the money. In the final hand played against Yuen Wai Loong, Kunal Patni went all in with Tc7c on flop of Th9d8s (pair of tens, open-ended straight draw). Yuen Wai Loong showed 9s9h after calling for a set. The turn 4h, the river 7h meant Kunal getting eliminated in 24th place for PHP 161,300.

Players such as Linh Tran, John Tech, Lester Edoc, Sim Jae Kyung, SJ Kim, Pete Chen, and day 1b’s chip leader, Chane Kampanatsaynakorn all fell in the Day 2 battle. 22 players remaining in the field includes some of the notables as in Kai Paulsen, Filipino player Marc Rivera and China’s Cui Jia Bin.

India’s hopes of the first ever Asian Main Event title now stays live with Amit Jain in the 22 players returning for Day 3. Although, Amit is among the short stacks with game resuming at 4,000/8,000/1,000 ante but the India’s top pro can definitely pull it back from here with the entire Indian community rooting for him. Amit posted on facebook:amit-jain-wpt-update

Day 3 of the Main Event will resume at 1pm today, January 7, 2016. The tournament will be played down to final table of 6 players.

Chip counts of 22 remaining players in the WPT National ME:

Markus Garberg – 674,000

John Niko Costiniano – 628,000

Louis Nyberg – 548,000

Jiabin Cui – 530,000

Kai Paulsen – 456,000

Andrei Kaigorodtcev – 429,000

Yuen Wai Loong – 384,000

Michael Tse Hua – 383,000

Alex Henry – 310,000

Samuele Moschetti – 307,000

William Kang – 302,000

Dennis Gamboa – 269,000

Marc Rivera – 261,000

Amit Roshanlal Jain – 243,000

Ying Lin Chua –  221,000

Martin Gonzales – 172,000

Kwangsuk Yuh – 156,000

Thomas Goh – 127,000

Terry Fan – 98,000

Soh Chee Wee – 76,000

Lita Hsu – 65,000

Takuya Yamashita – 37,000