Deltin Poker Tournament Jan’16 – 5K Warm Up Event – Live Reporting

Shekhar wins the 5K Warm Up event

Time: 05:00 Level: 21 Blinds: 10,000/20,000/3,000IMG_9563

Once Uladislav Dats got eliminated in 3rd place, Shekhar and Alexey were facing each other for the title heads-up. In the last hand, Shekhar went all-in and got a snap call from Alexey. At the showdown:

Shekhar: c9d9

Alexey: s1hj

Alexey hit a pair as well as a straight draw on flop c1sqs10 but, with h8 on turn and sj on river, Shekhar won the pot and the trophy.

Top 3 payouts:

Shekhar: Rs 160,000

Alexey: Rs 98,000

Uladislav Dats: Rs 70,650

“Feeling good..! Final table was challenging. Didn’t wanted to chop, doesn’t matter whatever place I could have ended up but I did it finally”, said an elated Shekhar.

Yauhen Paulouski (5th/Rs 38,000) and Rishabh Gupta (4th/Rs 50,500) eliminated

Time: 03:45 Level: 19 Blinds: 6,000/12,000/2,000

Yauhen was the first to bust out of the last 5 remaining players. He earned Rs 38,000 for the 5th place finish.

In the last hand which Rishabh played, Shekhar went all-in preflop with skd1 and Risabh called all-in showing ckhq. Community d3c1c8s8c4 gave 2 pair to Shekhar to win the pot. Rishabh bagged Rs 50,500 in the 4th place.

Game resumes after the break; Remaining 5 players’ chip count

Time: 03:18 Level: 18 Blinds: 4,000/8,000/1000

Rishabh Gupta – 208,000

Shekhar – 168,000

Uladislav Dats – 165,000

Alexy – 138,500

Yauhen Paulouski – 84,000

Anuj (7th/Rs 22,500) and Shyamal Sharma (6th/Rs 29,000) eliminated

Time: 02:45 Level: 17 Blinds: 3,000/6,000/500

Anuj and Shaymal fell in the race to the title. Anuj departed first in the 7th place bagging Rs 22,500.

Shyamal went all-in preflop with c1h8 and got a call from Uladislav Dats who showed s1s7. Flop d8s8sj gave trips to Shyamal but turn d9 and river c10 gave runner-runner straight to  Uladislav Dats. Shyamal got eliminated in 6th place for Rs 29,000.

IMG_9533 - CopyThe last lady standing rewarded with Rs 10,000

Time: 02:32 Level: 17 Blinds: 3,000/6,000/500

The tournament drew several female poker players for whom the organizers announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for the last lady standing. Sheena Sareen won this prize placing 23rd in the tournament. Although, she couldn’t make it to the money, she took home Rs 10,000.

Leo (9th) and Madibek (8th) eliminated

Time: 02:15 Level: 16 Blinds: 2,500/5,000/500

The first casualty at the final table was Leo. He finished 9th in the tournament for Rs 14,000.  After a few hands, Madibek was up against an opponent with his hjdk. He lost his entire stack with s8h7c3c10h10 on board and the opponent having d8c1. Madibek bagged Rs 17,600 for his effort till 8th place.