10 Minutes with Jaideep Sajwan, the Newly Appointed PoKeRMaNiA Team Pro


The newly launched online poker site, PokerMania has announced Jaideep ‘JDSaz’ Sajwan the first Team pro member. PoKeRMaNiA was launched on 22nd Feb 2016. The parent company AAA gaming Pvt Ltd. is a combined venture of Bangalore based Abhinav Aditya, Avilash Chatterjee and  Hetal Desai, Jaydeep Dawer from Surat.

On the occasion, OPN spoke to Jaideep Sajwan. Here are the excerpts of the chat:

Congratulations on becoming a Team Poker Mania pro. Your thoughts on this association?

Jaideep – Thanks a lot. I’m very excited to be a part of PokerMania and getting to be a Brand Ambassador of the site is a big honour in itself. I am really looking forward to see the business side of the industry and in each of these steps I will definitely want to promote poker and keep the player’s interest ahead at the highest priority.

The talks for this started around February 15th when Avilash bhaiya one of the promoters of the site messaged me if I would be interested to be associated with them. I have played a decent bit of poker with him in Bangalore and I had prior knowledge that he would be launching a site soon so him offering me this was flattering in itself. Then I met up JDBhaiya (Jaideep Dawar) and we pretty much mutually agreed upon that he is the real JD. Jokes aside, I talked to him about his plans with the site and where they want to head with it. I not only am the face for the site but I am going to be very actively involved in the betterment of schedules and structures, prime example of that being the inaugural “MANIA BIG BASH CHAMPIONSHIP” series starting on 30th March which is RAKELESS and we have tried to make the Structures and Schedule as soothing to all the users from ZERO buy in to a big 10L guarantee MAIN  EVENT.

I had been approached a few times for similar sponsorship offers before but nothing materialized out of it before for different reasons.

I took a bit of time taking recommendation from people I trust from both the player’s side as well as the Industry experts. My previous acquaintance with most of the promoters from before definitely made it an easier decision.

Sponsorship plays an important role in a poker player’s professional career. How beneficial is it at this stage of your career?

Jaideep – I would say it comes at one of the most perfect time for me. My friend Mike won a WSOP bracelet last year and I made it a definite goal to go for the series in 2016.Getting a sponsorship deal and that to with promoters who had staked or supported me long before the site was even planned is a huge bonus in itself. Sponsorships are a symbiotic beneficial relationship for both parties and I hope to fulfill all my duties to the brim of my capacity.

With sponsorship come the responsibilities. How will you be adding value to the company you represent?

Jaideep – It definitely is a huge responsibility although I am getting to realize each of them one by one in due time. Trust is one of the most important of all aspects .A new brand entry into any sector is taken precociously by the end users, it gave me uttermost pride when I got messages from quite a few people saying they wouldn’t have joined in but since I am associated with them they trust the site as I wouldn’t have joined in if anything was amiss. This in turn puts a huge responsibility on my shoulders to maintain the trust everyone lay on me. I did my due diligence for a decent bit of time before joining up about all the people involved and as well will continue to do so.

I am a player and what I know best is to play the games I feel am profitable in .Leaving the management job to people with better judgement in this field. The best ways I can add value to the company is getting good results at the tables. Me performing well definitely helps promote the site. I’m the guy who used to play 1$ 45man Sit’n’goes with winner getting 12$ so as to make a bankroll ,coming from that to now in this day getting a Sponsorship deal is definitely a poker dream come true. Maybe the dream is still alive for everyone and one can keep dreaming higher and higher with each milestone one passes. GL at the tables.