MPC24: Alok and Shravan Cashes in Red Dragon ME; Final Table Formed; Dhaval Makes Day2 of 20K NLH

After 3 flight days and 2 more days of poker action, the Red Dragon Main Event of Macau Poker Cup 24 reached its final table of 9 players yesterday. Leading the final 9 is China’s Liang Xu with a stack of 3,375,000 chips. Tom Alner is the only non-Asian player in the final nine with 1,030,000 chips. Alner will be contesting today at PokerStars LIVE, City of Dreams, Macau for his 2nd Red Dragon title after he won it back in August 2013.macau-poker-cup

The two Indian players who returned on Day 3 – Alok Agarwal and Shravan Chhabria couldn’t make it to the Final Table. Shravan Chhabria finished 43rd bagging HK$40,150 while Alok placed 25th for HK$49,150. With the elimination of Alok, India’s dreams of Red Dragon title remained unfulfilled this season again.

However, several Indian players moved on the next events in the hunt of new titles, prizes and glory as only 3 days are left in the series. Event #15:  $20,000 NLH ($1,000,000 Guarantee) started on Thursday which drew a big field of over 200 players. The tournament was played down to 100 remaining players who will return today on Day 2 of the game. Among the Indian players, Madan Kumar and Kunal Patni got eliminated yesterday while Dhaval Mudgal successfully made Day 2 with 119,000 chips. He posted on Facebook:dhaval-mudgal-mpc24

Madan Kumar wrote: Busted 20k event… KK vs AA…. 2 more events to go… Hope we run better ‪#‎adda52

Kunal Patni posted: 26k at first break. We start at 100-200. ‪#‎MPC24 ‪#‎Adda52Pro

Busted the 20k event. Massive fish on my table calls my 6bet shove with AQ off. I had QQ. He clips an ace. It was a 41k pot. ‪#‎Adda52Pro ‪#‎MPC24

Today, the champion of the Red Dragon Main Event will be crowned after the final table battle and the $20,000 NLH event will progress on its Day 2. Meahwhile, Event #16: $3,000 NLH (2-day event) will start today at 5PM local time.

MPC24 Red Dragon Final Table Draw

Seat 1 – Takashi Ogura (Japan) – 2,710,000

Seat 2 – Liang Xu (China) – 3,375,000

Seat 3 – Fan Xie (China) – 1,110,000

Seat 4 – Ying Lin Chua (Malaysia) – 2,665,000

Seat 5 – Chengbei Lei (China) 1,700,000

Seat 6 – Yang Zhang (China) – 1,375,000

Seat 7 – Tom Alner (United Kingdom) – 1,030,000

Seat 8 – Yongqiang Huang (China) – 520,000

Seat 9 – Wayne Zhang (China) – 1,610,000