Top 5 Skills Required To Get Started With Online Poker In 2016

Online Poker has played a huge role in popularizing this card game of skill among the new generation of Indian population. With the increasing use of mobile devices and penetration of fast internet services to Tier II and Tier III cities, a large number of bright minds of the country are experiencing and playing online poker. If you’re reading this, the probability of you being an online poker enthusiast is incredibly high as well as you might know several other individuals interested in playing this exciting game with real

A person needs a specific set of skills to play online poker in 2016 and win be it cash games, Sit n Go or tournaments. Improvement in skill level of players, availability of games & players and variety in options and offers to play are the major reasons which has changes the online poker gameplay over the years. If you want to become a winning player, you need to develop or hone some skills to compete against the existing players. If you’ve been playing poker for long, you may suggest the same to the newbies in your poker circle.

Quick Math

In online poker games, you get very less time to act which makes it a demanding situation to think about odds, outs and other poker data. These calculations are crucial to win online games and with the increasing restrictions on usage of 3rd party softwares, players have to do it mentally. Hence, you should be able to count outs, calculate odds and also recall probabilities of major hands while online poker. This will improve your understanding of when to call, raise or fold and make you a winning player.


The best advantage of playing online poker is the ability to play multiple games at a time and improve your net-profit graph. However, it requires multitasking abilities in an individual to take benefit of the opportunities available in the online poker space. Sometimes, you may need to play two or more games on a website or games on two different websites. Only a person capable of managing two or more similar things will be able to multi-table in online poker. If you have started poker recently, you should develop this skill in future.

Bankroll Management

If you can’t manage your money and correspondingly your games, the success might come momentarily in poker but not in the long run. Bankroll management is the key to optimize your gameplay levels, overcome losses and sail through the variance phases.  It’s recommended to have at least 300 times the Big Blind of the game you are going to play. It will empower you to overcome losses of a session in the next session. Similarly, it is not advised to directly jump the stakes when you win a big amount.

Strong Mindset

Not every game or every session becomes profitable in poker. The speed of winning or losing money increases tremendously in online poker due to its fast paced game environment. Hence, you should not panic in case of a loss or a bad beat but, analyze your gameplay via hand reviews and find ways to avoid poker mistakes. You must have control over your emotions and act logically in such situations. Remember, patience and discipline are the key traits of an online poker player.

Open to learning and improvements

Although, this cannot be classified as a skill but definitely be listed among the traits of a good poker player. In the online world of poker, things change rapidly with companies announcing new promotions, games and tournaments. You may need to vary your gameplay or follow a defined strategy to stay ahead in competition. Hence, you should keep exploring the resources to learn poker and make improvements in your game as per the competition.

The existing players and pros in the country prove to be good mentors and advisors for a new player. You should be open to discussions on public forums, take advice from your friends and senior players as well as pass on your learning to the others.