Now You Can Register Online For WSOP 2016 Events

With continuous improvement at the core of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) experience, a new online registration process is being rolled out for the 2016 WSOP and opens today for wire transfer, cashier’s check and newly added credit card methods of payment.

The WSOP has partnered with Genesis Gaming Solutions, Inc. known for their Bravo Poker Tournament Software used for WSOP registration and payouts, to integrate a new online process that directly ties into the WSOP registration software. This process allows any participant that registers online in advance for their selected event(s), to avoid visiting the registration cage once on-site at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.2016-wsop

Simply put, players that plan in advance will be able to save a lot of time at the event this year. For those that wait until the last minute, this new enhancement will not have relevance.

The process online will be hosted on the secure and encrypted Bravo Poker Live website.

Participants will be required to do a one-time sign-up with Bravo Poker Live, which will save and password protect their registration information, so participants will have quick and easy return access for future events, both WSOP and for other venues that work with Bravo Poker Tournament software.

Participants will also be required to have a Caesars Total Rewards Card/Account to online register.

Once the participant completes the online process (including sending in payment) for one or more events, they then only have to show up in the Rio Convention Center “Rotunda Area” Fast Pass Total Rewards Desk one hour prior to their event’s start, to show proof of identification and have their identity verified. If the method of payment is credit card, the participant must also present the credit card used for the online registration. Once verified, the participant will receive seat assignments and receipts for any and all event(s) this participant has registered for and can proceed to their starting room, table and seat at the participant’s leisure.

Payment Methods for Online Registration

The forms of payment participants can use to register online are as follows:

– Wire-transfer (requires registration at least 14 days prior to event’s start date)

– Cashier’s Check (requires registration at least 14 days prior to event’s start date)

– Credit Card – for buy-ins $1,500 and under (requires registration at least 72 hours prior for first time use) – Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Diners Club Only

– Once a credit card has been verified for WSOP 2016, this same card can be used for online registration until the end of late registration for any event without any waiting period required.

Once a participant has gone through the complete online registration and in-person verification process, they will then be able to continue to register and pay for events online if they properly fund those transactions and can then utilize the “WSOP Fast Track Kiosks” to print seat cards and receipts.

ADA accessible kiosks are available at designated locations, and staff are available at those kiosks to provide additional assistance if needed.

WSOP Fast Track Kiosks

After completing the “one-time in-person” verification process in the Rotunda Area to confirm identity and payment method, participants can simply use the WSOP Fast Track Kiosks to print their own seat cards and receipts for all future 2016 WSOP online registrations. Similar to an airline boarding pass experience once at the airport, the WSOP Fast Track Kiosks require a participant’s Total Rewards Card to verify identity, and once verified, a participant can print all seat assignments and receipts for any tournaments that the participant has registered for.

This marks the first time credit cards can be used to buy-in to WSOP events (for all events $1500 and under, including Daily Deepstacks and Satellite events). However, it is important to understand that credit cards can only be used for participants who register for events online in advance – credit cards will still not be allowed for live on-site registration. Participants will need to register online and complete the process, including payment with credit card, at least 72 hours prior to the start of the event’s play when using the process for the first time.

Once a participant has used that credit card once to online register, then they will have no wait time to online register for future events. For example, if a participant online registers for Flight A of the Colossus online (in April or May), then plays in that flight on June 2 but is eliminated before the end of the day, they will be able to go online and register and pay for another Colossus flight using that same credit card, without the need to go to the live registration cage. They will purchase online and then go directly to the WSOP Fast Track Kiosk in the Rio Rotunda to print their seat card and receipt. So a participant could be eliminated from Thursday morning’s Flight A, but then use the online registration process to buy-in to Thursday evening’s Flight B. With the new rule this year allowing only one advanced entry for multi-flight events, the new online registration process with credit cards eliminates the need to use the WSOP cage for popular events that draw large fields and usually feature lengthier lines.


The payment required for participation in any Tournament event is the full amount of the event’s entry fee, which includes an administrative fee to cover necessary Tournament staffing, materials and related administrative costs. There are additional fees applicable to online registration and the chosen method of payment. Additional Fees: There will be a $3 processing fee added to each event transaction for using the online registration system. Credit cards are charged an additional 2.95% fee to use this method of payment. In addition, anyone who uses a wire-transfer or cashier’s check are still subject to any fees their bank imposes (the WSOP does not impose any fees). None of these Additional Fees are paid to the WSOP or Rio. These are typical fees used in the payment processing industry for online transactions of this nature, by the vendors and providers of these services. Participant is responsible for payment of the full registration amount and all applicable fees.


Anyone who registers for an event online but chooses not to play may get a refund at the WSOP registration cage on-site in the Rio Convention Center up to the start time for the event. Participants, who don’t end up travelling out to an event they online registered for, should email Tyler Pipal at to request the necessary paperwork to receive a refund. This request must be done in advance of the event’s start. Refunds will be issued for the buy-in amount only.

Live In-Person Registration

There will still be in-person registration for all WSOP events at the Rio. Prior to May 31, participants can register at the main casino cage at the Rio. Beginning May 31 at 9 a.m., and remaining open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, participants can register in the WSOP Registration Cage in the Tropical Ballroom in the Rio Convention Center. In-person registration requires no additional fees besides the buy-in amount.