APT Reveals 2017 Event Dates in the Philippines

Setting its sights on 2017, the Asian Poker Tour (APT) announces event dates for next year’s season. With their main hub located in the Philippines, the APT has released a partial list of its 2017 schedule, reflecting six event dates that are to be held in the country.asian-poker-tour-vietnam

Here is a rundown of those dates:

January 11-19, 2017

February 8-16, 2017

April 26-May 7, 2017

July 19-27, 2017

September 13-21, 2017

December 6-14, 2017

At this time, the venues for these scheduled events have yet to be announced however traditionally, some of these APT poker festivals are held at the APT Poker Room in the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino in Ermita, Philippines, at Resorts World Manila in Newport City, Philippines, and at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu, Philippines. While poker continues to experience a boom in the Asian region, these teaser dates are a good way to kick start your 2017 poker planners.

The APT is also mapping out the rest of its 2017 schedule of events, and if this year’s calendar is a good indication of what lies ahead, then expect more APT events and destinations to be revealed in the coming months.