Indian Poker League Returns at Adda52 With Fantasy League

431 players participated in the first edition of Indian Poker League launched by in April 2016 making it one of the most successful poker promotions in India. Eyeing the immense popularity of this unique team-based leaderboard race in the first season, India’s largest poker site has brought it again for the Indian poker players in June. The 2nd edition of Indian Poker League starting 2nd June brings huge bonuses on entry deposit amounts along with Rs 8.8 Lacs in prize money for the winners. Adding to the excitement of Indian Poker League is the 1 Lac guaranteed “dream Team” fantasy challenge.indian poker league-june-2016

Four teams based on the minimum deposit criteria are available to join in the Indian Poker League. All you need to do is pick a team before 9th June by using the bonus code from the table below while making deposit. You’ll be automatically enrolled in the team for Indian Poker League.

Royale Bangalore Rs.40,000 ADDAIPL 25% 50%
Bombay Indies Rs.20,000 PLAYIPL 10% 35%
Delhi Devils Rs.10,000 PLAYIPL 10% 35%
Hyderabad Risers Rs.5,000 PLAYIPL 10% 35%

The action in all 4 teams will kick start on 9th June and will continue till 29th June. Players in each team will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the loyalty points they earn. At the end, top 5% of the team players will be rewarded with huge prize money.

1 Royale Bangalore 3,50,000
2 Bombay Indies 1,80,000
3 Delhi Devils 1,00,000
4 Hyderabad Risers 50,000

The top 16 players in each team at the end of Indian Poker league will get to play 1 Lac GTD tournament on 30th June at 9:30 PM. Points of players who finish in the tournament will be calculated and an additional amount of Rs.1 Lac will be distributed amongst all 16 players of the leading team.

In the Indian Poker League “Dream Team” Fantasy Challenge, Adda52 has put Rs 1 Lac up for grab. Anyone can create his/her fantasy team of 6 players from the draftable pool of top 100 players by submitting 3000 loyalty points. The draftable players have been picked form the last edition of Indian Poker League. A team owner can select only 1 player each from Super Kings & Bombay Indies and 2 players each from Daredevils & Nightriders.

Players also have an option to pick themselves in their fantasy team. Every fantasy team will earn points based on their player’s loyalty earnings in the Indian Poker League. 1 Lac in the prize pool will be up for grabs for the leading teams at the end of Indian Poker League. 80% of the prize amount will go the team owner, while 20% will be divided amongst the players.

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